How we share the stories will always change. Learning to craft them remains the same.

To say media creation and consumption has changed is an understatement. 3.2 billion images, 720,000 hours of video, and 7.5 million blog posts are shared online daily. At Southeast, we’re blending new media with traditional so you can be prepared to promote on TikTok or in traditional media for a corporation, small business, or your personal brand. You’ll understand advertising’s creative principals as well as the metrics necessary to measure your campaign’s success. You’ll learn the foundation of storytelling along with the technologies that deliver those stories across the globe. How we communicate is rapidly evolving; how we educate is nimble and innovative, so students are prepared for tomorrow’s marketing and media jobs when they graduate.

  • Academic programs have connections to student media that produces real-world content from marketing campaigns to podcasts, from news to streaming.
  • Smaller academic programs mean your education can be tailored to your interests.
  • Hands-on opportunities from your first semester means you’re gaining experience two years earlier than other programs.
  • Industry leaders regularly work with our programs to make sure we have a modernized curriculum taught by faculty with professional experiences.
  • Modern facilities located on Media Row allow networking, connections, and mentoring throughout your degree program.
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