Southeast’s Kennett Regional Campus provides the opportunity to seek a college degree or take classes in the Kennett community. The campus has its own admissions criteria, cost, and Southeast A+ Scholarship opportunities.

Your university. your hometown. 

Getting a college degree doesn't have to mean leaving your hometown. You’re determined. You have goals. But, you already have responsibilities and a smaller location may be a better fit for you. We have the resources to help you find success. College is challenging enough. The process of going shouldn't be difficult. We’re local. We’re helpful. And we have complete degree programs right in your own backyard.

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Academic Programs

The regional campuses offer a variety of college courses and bachelor’s degree programs all on location, meaning you can get a four-year degree without leaving home.

Cost & Affordability

Southeast’s regional campuses make an affordable option for college on several fronts. First, the cost is lower than the main campus (and some community colleges). Southeast also offers the Southeast A+ Scholarship.

Become a Redhawk.

Do more than dream about the future. Take the first steps to make it all happen.

Advising & Registration 

The Kennett Regional Campus has an onsite academic advisor to help you plan your course work. Assistance for advising and registration for Southeast classes is available during regular office hours. If advising is needed, please schedule an appointment by calling (573) 888-0513. 


Admitted students may view courses and register online by logging onto the student portal. 

"I chose to go to Kennett over the main campus because it was so much closer to home. I love the campus. For a small campus, it offers the same competitive learning environment and is very well staffed with professors who have a lot of respect for the students."

Amanda Blansett

An instructor speaks in front of a classroom at the Sikeston campus.

Let's Talk

Want to learn more about Southeast, the regional campuses, and the financial aid options available to you? You have your own Admission Counselor ready to answer all your questions and help you find the right path. If you want to learn more, we're always ready to talk to a future Redhawk!

Faculty & Staff

The regional campuses have onsite staff to assist students in advising and registration as well as faculty available both onsite and connected from the Cape Girardeau campus.


Southeast Missouri State University - Kennett is located at 1230 First Street in Kennett. 

Directions from I-55 

Take Exit 17 then Highway 412 West into Kennett. Go straight, through two stop light intersections. The Kennett Campus is approximately ¼ mile on the right side.

Directions from the North on Highway 25 

Turn right at the third stop light. Then proceed west through another stoplight. The Kennett Campus is straight ahead approximately ¼ mile on the right side.

1230 1st St.
Kennett, MO 63857
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 9700
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701