In This Issue

  • First Lady Pam Vargas

    Pam Vargas does double duty at SEMO. First, as director of Research and Sponsored Programs where she supports faculty seeking funding and in the very commitment heavy role as Southeast's First Lady. Pam spent Opening Week welcoming students, reassuring parents, and attending more than a few events. See More.
  • Research in :60

    Could the end of plastic waste be as simple as feeding it to another animal and letting nature take its course? It's the core of the research question Southeast professor Dr. Lucas Kirschman is asking in the lab these days as a start in addressing one of the worst pollution challenges we face. See More.
  • SEMO Is Home

    How scary would going away to college really be if you started as an infant? Freshman Alyssa Rueseler began her SEMO career as a baby at the University School for Young Children. She's back on campus 18 years later beginning her first year at college. See More.

Houck Groundbreaking

Southeast Missouri State University celebrated a monumental day when it officially broke ground for the first phase of a new transformational Houck multiuse complex on Sept. 6.

In This Issue

  • A Communicator in Two Languages

    From South America to Southeast Missouri, Dr. Kim Louie has made her career teaching Spanish. Now she's using her communications skills to lead Southeast's Faculty Senate this academic year to make improvements and further conversations. See More
  • Still Here For You

    When we are in college, the Office of Career Services gives us personal branding tips, guidance on interview wear, dos and don'ts of resumes and other valuable advice on getting the job we want. But, after we graduate, where do we go for that support? See More
  • Thank You, Teachers

    Southeast has prepared thousands of teachers who go on to prepare thousands of other students. This fall, we wanted to share a little love and SEMO pride with some of our teachers with items for their classrooms, and honestly to say thank you. See More

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