In This Issue

  • Homecoming

    Homecoming 2022 is in the books, the video will last forever. Click if you're interested in reliving the weekend or if you were unable to attend and want to see the sights. See More.
  • Alumni Merit Award: Zaki Ali

    Zaki Ali does more than persevere, he succeeds. He turned a learning disability into a college degree. He turned a personal tragedy into a law degree. What's more, he tends to inspire all those he speaks with. See More
  • Alumni Merit Award: Kim Woolf

    Kim Woolf transitioned from Delta, Missouri to SEMO to a career with Boeing before retiring. Then, she found yet another career before officially retiring and finding time with family. See More

Focus on Southeast

KRCU's Focus on Southeast television program is back and this month, they are visiting with Dr. Sven Svenson and Dr. Jonathan Kessler about SEMO's new horticulture and cannabis degree as well as a new telescope chemistry and physics students will be using.

In This Issue

  • Alumni Merit Award: Matt McClelland

    Matt McClelland did what many SEMO students do as they pursue their degrees--he got a job while in school. His story may travel a less familiar path thereafter because Matt became the CEO of that company. See More
  • Faculty Merit Award: Dr. Hamner Hill

    From college freshmen to Tibetan monks, Dr. Hamner Hill has had his share of pupils during his 36-year at Southeast. As professor in the Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion, Hill tells us the secret to work (it isn't really work if you love it). See More.
  • Distinguished Young Alumni Award: Matt Shead

    There are probably quite a few kids who think they'd like to shoot video for the St. Louis Cardinals. Matt Shead made it happen. From a SEMO degree in television and film, he became manager of content and advertising production for the Cardinals. See More

Redhawk Action

Doesn't matter if you're looking for football, soccer, track, or tennis, we have all the Redhawk stories and events to keep you updated on your favorite teams.