Stay in touch with your student, keep up to date with campus events, and connect with our supportive community that can address specific issues and concerns; you’ll do that here.

Your support is a key component to your student’s academic success at Southeast. You’ve laid an essential foundation that we hope to build upon.

And while applying to and enrolling at Southeast is an exciting and transformative experience for your student, it can be a time filled with pride, promise, and inevitable questions for parents and families. We’re here to help.

Welcome to our community. You, too, are always a Redhawk.

Parent Resources

SEMO Family Hub

The SEMO Family Hub is your one-stop shop for access to important campus news and deadlines, personalized newsletters on your schedule, announcements via email and text message and sharing of updates with friends and family. You will be invited to join once your student is enrolled for their first semester at SEMO. Updating your information or didn't get an invite?

Family Weekend

Come to campus and experience a full schedule of activities with your student. The jam-packed weekend in September offers something for everyone with fun-filled, family-oriented events culminating with a Redhawk football game.

SEMO Spirit

Get that boost of Redhawk pride every time you log in. Show your Southeast spirit with free digital downloads that can be used on your phone, desktop or social media profile.

Families Resources for Financial Aid

Role of the Parent

You play an extremely significant role in your student’s life. We recognize that parents provide invaluable support to their students and have a vested interest in their educational success. We encourage you to continue to play an active role by providing guidance and support, but understanding college finances is a part of your student’s educational process. We strongly encourage the student to be proactive in learning about their finances, budget, and the financial aid process.

While the student is ultimately responsible for their balance owed to Southeast, their parents’ information is required on the FAFSA (usually until they are 24). While the entire family’s finances affect financial aid eligibility, providing information does not commit the parent to contributing anything toward the student’s education. It is simply required for the assessment of the family’s financial need and determining financial aid eligibility.

Communication & Privacy

When a student enters a postsecondary institution at any age (or becomes 18 prior to postsecondary education), certain rights are transferred from the parent to the student according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The student is the only individual who has the right to have records amended and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information. There is an exception that allows financial information to be shared with eligible parents (parents who claimed the student as a dependent on their Federal Income Tax Return), and we are happy to do so.

Important Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Make sure your student knows how to access his or her student portal
  • Emails may be sent to the student with pertinent information regarding his or her account
  • You can be made an Authorized User, to access the student’s Account Summary and make online payments
    • Login to the Student Portal
    • If on mobile, click the menu button to open the left-side menu
    • Select your Student SS tab, on the left
    • From the "Registration Tools" section, click "SEMO-Pay"
    • Click your name from the main menu
    • From the "Payer" section, choose send a payer invitation. Fill out the required fields
    • The authorized payer will receive an email from SFS with a PIN, password, and link to the payment portal.
  • Students can add an “Accounts Receivable Billing Address” so the bills will go to you, instead of their local residence
    • Login to the Student Portal
    • Select your Student SS tab, at the top
    • Scroll down to the "Personal Information" section, on the left
    • Click "Update Addresses and Phones"
    • Scroll to the bottom and select the "Type of Address to Insert" from the drop down list, and press "Submit."
      • Billing Address = "Accounts Receivable Billing"
      • Note: All students must have a permanent address on file at all times.
    • Fill out the form and click "Submit" to record changes
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