When it is your priority registration date, follow these steps to enroll in courses.

  1. Sign in to mySEMO portal
  2. Search "Add or Drop Classes" 

  3. Click Add or Drop Classes Tool
  4. Select Term from drop-down box 

  5. If applicable enter the Alternate PIN received from advisor during advising 

  6. Once in the enrollment/registration screen, enter CRN/call numbers, complete course search to choose courses and if appropriate, enter CRN from registration override found in "Registration Status" screen  

  7. "Submit changes" and enrollment is complete unless errors in schedule occur 

  8. If errors, review and correct as necessary 

    1. Co-requisite error - must add the appropriate co-requisite; enter both course CRNs in the worksheet then submit  

    2. If closed/controlled, time conflict, etc., choose another course from class search
    3. Closed – Waitlist error – If course has a waitlist set up choose **Web Wait Listed** from the action drop-down box and click “Submit Changes” to enroll in the waitlist for that section  

      1. Once on the waitlist if a seat becomes available an email will be sent to the student’s Southeast email account and the student will have up to 48 hours to enroll (including weekends and holidays). Once the email is received, return to the Add or Drop classes section of the portal and choose **Web Registered** or **Drop w/in Refund Period** from the drop-down menu and click Submit Changes.  

      2. Email academic department regarding questions or extenuating circumstances about the waitlist  

  9. To complete enrollment process, only need to "Submit Changes"

Seat Availability

There is a limited number of seats available in each class. When selecting your class schedule, be sure to check the seat availability to plan for future coursework.

Withdrawal Process

To withdraw from Southeast and all Southeast courses

Prior to the start of your first semester please complete these steps:  
Email the Office of Admissions at admissions@semo.edu (using your Southeast email) with the following information:  
  • Name 

  • Southeast ID Number 

  • A message saying you will not be attending Southeast 

  • This allows us to assist you with canceling the following items:  

    • Housing Contract (if applicable) 

    • Dropping registered courses (if applicable) 

    • Canceling financial aid awards or scholarship offers (if applicable) 

    • Canceling an orientation reservation (if applicable) 

    • Canceling a Camp Redhawk reservation (if applicable) 

  • Check the Academic Calendar for last day to drop a class.  

  • Speak to your instructors and academic advisor to discuss your options. 

  • Check the Refund Schedule and contact Student Financial Services with any questions about how withdrawing may impact your bill, scholarships, or financial aid.  

    • Dropping courses may result in financial aid being returned to the university, federal, or state sources.  

    • Dropping courses may also result in being placed on financial aid warning, financial aid suspension, and/or losing the ability to renew scholarships.  

  • Contact the Registrar’s Office to complete a Withdrawal Form or complete the course withdrawals through the portal:  

    • Registration changes in the portal must occur between 7a.m.-9p.m. 

    • If withdrawing through the portal, please review your schedule afterwards to make sure you have withdrawn from all registered coursework.  

    • Withdrawn courses may appear as a W on your transcript. If you are withdrawing after the semester has begun, a withdrawal comment will appear on your transcript.  

    • If you have preregistered for an upcoming semester and do not plan to attend, please make sure to withdraw from these courses as well.  

    • For questions, contact the Registrar’s Office. 

  • Speak with the following offices:  

    • If you are living in a residence hall or have a meal plan, complete a Petition for Termination of Housing Contract form online or at the Office of Residence Life.  

      • If you withdrew through the Registrar’s Office, please bring a copy of the Withdrawal Form you received to expedite the process.  

      • Schedule an appointment with your Resident Assistant to check out of your room. Failure to do so will result in a charge to your student account.  

    • Return your textbooks to Textbook Rental. Failure to do so by the semester deadline will result in charges to your student account.  

    • If you have a parking permit, return your parking sticker to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for a possible partial credit of the cost.  

    • If you are an international student on a F/J student visa, please meet with a Designated School Official at the Office of International Education and Services about your legal status. 

Schedule Planner Instructions

We are here to help our students graduate in a timely manner. In doing so, we have created a schedule planner for students to utilize with the goal of completing all necessary courses at the right time.

Course Load Limits 

The normal course load is 14 - 18 hours per semester. Approval for 19 or 20 hours requires permission of your advisor.  

In the spring semester, there is a wintersession part of term, during which students are limited to one 3-hour course.

During the summer semester, a student may enroll in 9 hours. Advisors can approve up to 13 total hours during the summer session, but the hours must be appropriately spread out among the sessions.  

Students on academic probation are limited to 12 hours per semester. Residence hall students and varsity athletes must be enrolled in 12 hours per semester.  

Students should check with their advisors and with the University Bulletin to see that the courses in which they enroll meet particular degree requirements. Check the specific degree curriculum in the Bulletin. 

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