It is important to us at Southeast that everyone can access the content on the website.

This means our content must be accessible to technologies used by individuals who might be unable to read a screen with their eyes or use a mouse. We are here to help make sure that happens. 

Report an Accessibility Issue

If you are having trouble using part of our website, please let us know. We want to make sure you have access to all of our content.

Accessibility Services

Do you need help with accommodations at Southeast? Please visit or contact the Accessibility Services office. They can help get you the assistance you need.

Accessibility for Web Content Creators

Accessibility is also something our departmental web editors need to keep in minds while structuring and creating content for webpages. It’s important because not everyone who uses our website reads or interacts with their eyes and a mouse. Some users must navigate with a keyboard, some need to use a screen reader to access content, and more. There is a wide range of ways for individuals who don’t use a mouse to consume web content. This means content must be something assistive technologies can access.

Accessibility on the Web

There are some basic steps to take when creating content to keep webpages easy to view and interact with for everyone.

Making Documents Accessible

Many of the steps you must take in your web pages also extend to the Word and PDF documents you want to place on the web. There are a few extra steps for certain documents, like forms or items that need a table of contents.