Course Numbering System

Courses numbered 000-099 are classified as developmental courses (unless a lab section which corresponds with a 100-599 lecture course). Courses numbered 100-299 are designated as junior college (lower division) courses. Courses numbered 300-599 are designated as senior college (upper division) courses if completed at a regionally accredited four-year institution. 500-level classes are advanced undergraduate classes. Most are open to graduate students. To earn graduate credit additional course requirements must be met. 600-level courses are open to graduate students only. 700-level classes are reserved for Ed.S. students. 900-level classes are reserved for Ed.D. students.

Workshop courses are numbered 800-866. Workshops numbered 800-833 are open to all undergraduate and graduate students and are awarded lower division credit. Those numbered 834-866 are open to undergraduate students who have completed 45 semester hours of credit and to graduate students; undergraduates are awarded upper division credit; graduate students are awarded graduate credit.

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