As the world becomes more networked, Southeast’s Engineering and Technology programs connect you to the knowledge, the skills, and the people for your success.

Everything from our phone to our car to our financial transactions relies on technology. This revolution of robots and AI isn’t likely to change course, meaning jobs for programmers, analysts, and engineers will continue to be in demand. At Southeast, our engineering and technology programs are built to be more hands-on, so you’re working in multimillion dollar labs, real manufacturing settings, and construction and technology industries, just as often as you’re in class.

  • Our classes are taught by faculty, not teaching assistants.
  • Industry recognized certifications embedded in your program.
  • Our laboratories have the same advanced machines found in today’s leading industries.
  • Most classes are 50% lecture and 50% lab, so you’ll spend half your time working with equipment in the field from robotics to construction management to network administration.
  • Our industrial advisory board ensures our curriculum remains on the forefront of what you’ll need to know to succeed in your career.
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