Southeast is a test-optional school, meaning you don’t need an ACT/SAT score to be admitted or to receive scholarships! In fact, we've expanded the amount of aid you're eligible for without a test score.

Tell Me About Test Optional

Southeast awards more than $24 million in scholarships each year. When you apply to Southeast, we review your application for most of our scholarships automatically without you having to fill out another form or apply separately. And, we award several scholarships at the time of admission, so you know your cost up front.  

We know college is a big investment, so we want you to make a smart investment. We also know when it comes to taking tests to apply for scholarships, it's sometimes a burden--cost, time, and even test nerves can be real obstacles to doing well.  

  • That's why we're a test optional school for admission and many scholarships.  
  • You will be admitted to Southeast with a 2.75 cumulative high school GPA and the required high school core curriculum.  
  • You can  self-report  your academic record when you  apply.  

And even if you do not meet these requirements,  we still want you to apply.  Southeast will do a holistic review and share information on a variety of admission options. Just send us an official high school transcript, and we’ll work to select the best  admissions option  for you.   

Are the Types of Scholarships Limited?  
Not every scholarship is available with test optional admissions but many are including:   

  • A+ Scholarship (regional campus only)
  • Academic Support Center Awards
  • College Access Partner Award
  • Copper Dome Scholarship ($1,000-$3,000)  
  • Dr. Donald M. Suggs Scholarship
  • Marching Band Scholarship
  • Military Air Force ROTC Housing Scholarship
  • Military Show Me Gold Housing Scholarship
  • Missouri MOST Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship ($10,000 award, competitive)
  • Redhawks Achievement Award
  • Residence Life Leadership Award
  • Supplemental Grant Aid (incoming TRIO students)
  • Transfer Academic Scholarship
  • Transfer Phi Theta Kappa Award
  • Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Will To Do Award  

We Superscore

While you don’t need an ACT to be admitted to Southeast, if you take one, we think your score should represent when you did your very best. That’s why if you take the test multiple times, we’ll take your best subscores to create your superscore! This will maximize your scholarship eligibility.

Southeast Missouri State University ACT Superscore Calculator

Do One More Thing

Your education is important to you. It is to us, too. Our mission is helping students succeed, so test, no test, minimum GPA or not—apply. Give us the opportunity to see if we can help because at Southeast, we believe you deserve all the opportunities you can get!

"“Southeast first piloted test optional admissions in 2018 for beginning freshmen in fall 2019, making Southeast one of the first public universities in Missouri to embrace the concept. We’re extremely pleased to transition to test optional admissions and scholarship offerings to help reduce barriers to a college education.” "

Dr. Debbie Below, VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success

Have Questions or Need Assistance

Applying to college can be a big process. It’s completely understandable if you have questions or if you’d just like a little help. We love answering questions, so don’t hesitate to chat now or reach out to an admission counselor. We kind of live for this stuff, so you’re sure to make our day!

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