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The marketing major with a professional selling option prepares students to be successful in a sales career. This highly dynamic profession emphasizes the importance of building quality customer relationships to build value for the organization. The program also prepares students to become effective sales leaders, learning how to motivate, train and manage a sales team.

What You’ll Do

The curriculum includes the buying and selling process and a strong foundation in consumer behavior, marketing communications, marketing research and marketing strategy.

  • Engage with award-winning faculty mentors who themselves are marketing professionals.
  • Learn about the global marketplace firsthand with our more than 30 study abroad programs.
  • Put your knowledge into practice at the Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Professional Selling Degree Map

Explore the courses you'll need to complete your degree

Hands-on Learning

When it comes to learning by doing, you’ll have ample opportunity. From study abroad to internships to the Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, students have a variety of creative outlets to get professional experience for resumes and portfolio quality samples to launch their careers.

Outcomes & Careers

  • $130k

    Sales Manager

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a sales manager is $130,600.

  • $85k

    Sales Representative

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a sales representative is $86,920.


  • $60k

    Sales Supervisors

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a supervisor of sales workers is $60,140.


What You'll Study

Degree Map

The professional selling curriculum includes core business courses as well as courses to enhance communication and professionalism. You’ll complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete this degree, including the general education requirements and at least 39 senior division hours.

Business Administration Core – 30 Hours Required

Required Courses:
  • AC221 Principles of Accounting I (3)
  • AC222 Principles of Accounting II (3)
  • BA101 The Business Universe (3)
  • BA490 Business Policy & Strategy (3)
  • BL255 Business Law (3)
  • FI361 Financial Management (3)
  • MG301 Principles of Management (3)
  • MI375 Management Information Systems (3)
  • MK301 Principles of Marketing (3)
A grade of ‘C’ is required in each core course.
Choose 3 Hours From*:
  • AC540 International Perspectives of Accounting (3)
  • BA560 Topics in International Business (3)
  • BL560 International Business Law (3)
  • EC580 International Economics (3)
  • FI540 International Finance (3)
  • HA560 International Healthcare Administration (3)
  • MG560 International Management (3)
  • MK560 International Marketing (3)

*International Course taken to meet Business Administration Core requirement may not be counted on a major.

Support Courses – 27 Hours Required

Some courses may fulfill General Education requirements.

  • BA252 Business Communication (2)
  • BA452 Professionalism (1)
  • EC215 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
  • EC225 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
  • EN140 Rhetoric & Critical Thinking (3)
  • MA116 Precalculus A or MA123 Mathematical Reasoning and Modeling (3)
  • MI101 Intro to Computer Applications (3)
  • QM257 Business Analytics I (3)
  • QM258 Business Analytics  II (3)
  • SC105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3)

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each support course.

NOTE: All 100 and 200-level core and support courses are pre-requisite to all 300-level business core and business major courses.

Marketing Major Courses – 30-Hour Major – No Minor Required

Required Marketing Core:
  • MK343 Integrated Marketing Communication (3)
  • MK344 Consumer Behavior (3)
  • MK345 Intro to Business Research (3)
  • MK449 Marketing Management (3)
  • Choose 3 Hours MK Courses (300-500 level except MK301), MG560*, MK560*, ER361, ER461, or BA560*
Real World Experience** – Choose one option:
  • Participate in a departmentally approved international academic program


  • Complete departmentally approved internship

Sales Management Option:

  • MK342 Professional Selling (3)
  • MK442 Advanced Selling (3)
  • MK547 Sales Management (3)
Choose 6 hours:
  • MG354 Business Negotiation: Concepts & Practice (3)
  • MG470 Leadership in Management (3)
  • MK555 Digital Marketing (3)
*If selected as elective, cannot also count for international course requirement for the BSBA degree.
**Class used to fulfill the real-world experience requirement may also be used to fulfill the elective requirement.
"Critical Courses” are italicized and bolded. Data shows that students who have completed this course in the first two years and have earned the noted grade are most likely to complete this program of study.

Some requirements may be fulfilled by coursework in major program.

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences – 6 hours
  • Constitution Requirement – 3 hours
  • Written Communication – 6 hours
  • Oral Communication – 3 hours
  • Natural Sciences – 7 hours (from two disciplines, one to include a lab)
  • Mathematics – 3 hours
  • Humanities & Fine Arts – 9 hours (from at least two disciplines)
  • Additional requirements – 5 hours (to include UI100 for native students)
  • Civics examination

Freshman Year 

Fall Semester (16 Hours) 
  • UI100 (1) 
  • EN100 (3) 
  • BA101 (3) 
  • MA116 or MA123 (3) 
  • MI101 (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
Spring Semester (15 Hours) 
  • EN140 (3) 
  • SC105 (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 

Milestone: Achieve a minimum 2.25 overall GPA 

Sophomore Year 

Fall Semester (17 Hours) 
  • AC221 (3) 
  • BA252 (2) 
  • EC215 (3) 
  • QM257 (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
Spring Semester (15 Hours) 
  • AC222 (3) 
  • BL255 (3) 
  • EC225 (2) 
  • MK301 (3) 
  • QM258 (3) 

Milestone: Achieve a minimum 2.25 overall GPA 

Junior Year 

Fall Semester (16 Hours) 
  • BA452 (1) 
  • FI361 (3) 
  • MG301 (3) 
  • MK342 (3) 
  • MK300-599/ MG560/MK560/ER361/ER461/BA560* (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
Spring Semester (15 Hours) 
  • MI375 (3) 
  • MK344 (3) 
  • MK345 (3) 
  • MK442 (3) 
  • General Education (3) 

Milestone: Maintain 2.25 overall GPA and 2.25 major GPA 

Senior Year 

Fall Semester (14 Hours) 
  • MK343 (3) 
  • MG354/MG470/MK555 (3)
  • International Course (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • Elective (2) 
Spring Semester (12 Hours) 
  • BA490 (3) 
  • MK449 (3) 
  • MK547 (3) 
  • MG354/MG470/MK555 (3) 

Milestone: Maintain 2.25 overall GPA and 2.25 major GPA 

A minimum 2.25 GPA in the major and overall are required to graduate with a BSBA degree.

Get Funding for Your Education

Missouri’s opened the door to a more educated workforce. We want to help you walk through it. If you’re an adult learner and a Missouri resident returning to college, learn about the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant. It’s a statewide financial aid program that can be used to pursue a certificate, degree or industry-recognized credential in a high need area in Missouri. This major is eligible for the Fast Track grant.

What Can You Do with a Marketing Professional Selling Degree?

Graduates are prepared to work in a wide array of sales positions of both goods and services. The degree prepares students for a high-demand field where there are more jobs available than professionals to fill them. Sales positions often offer flexible schedules and the opportunity to increase salary based on performance. Our students intern and are employed by companies in a variety of industries including: 

  • Spectrum
  • Edward Jones
  • IBM
  • Northwestern Mutual Financial
  • Qualtrics
  • State Farm

Southeast’s business programs are among the top 5% in the world.

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Getting the Job

Your education is just one piece to launching an extraordinary career. Once you’ve mastered the material, you still have to find the job you want, make the right connections, sell your knowledge and experience—and if all this is giving you anxiety, don’t panic. SEMO’s Career Services office is here to help you with the next step. They’ll provide the expertise and support you need, so you’re landing your dream job in no time.

Accelerated Master’s Degree

Southeast offers an accelerated master’s degree for current students. You can get both undergraduate and graduate credit for some 500 level courses, meaning you can graduate with an MBA sooner.

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