The USDA Animal Welfare Act and the NIH Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Animals require that institutions conducting research with animals establish an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). IACUC is responsible for the oversight of the care and use of all animals used for research at Southeast Missouri State University.  

Responsibilities of the IACUC include: 

  • Inspect all animal facilities, including animal study areas, at least once every six months  
  • Collect annual reviews from IACUC approved labs 
  • Prepare reports of these inspections and submit them to the Office of the President 
  • Review concerns or complaints involving animal care and use at the University 
  • Make recommendations to the President related to any aspect of the animal program 
  • Review and assess proposed activities or changes related to the care and use of animals 
  • Conduct ongoing reviews of activities at least once a year 
  • Suspend activities involving animals that are not in accordance with guidelines and requirements approved by the IACUC

Anyone concerned with an animal's welfare or aware of non-compliance with the policies, rules, regulations, and laws regarding animal care and use for research and teaching at Southeast Missouri State University, should contact Dr. Timothy Judd, Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, at or (573) 651-2365. Reports may also be made anonymously through the form on this website.

Federal law and University policy prohibits discrimination against or reprisals for student and employee whistleblowers. Reporting an incident of suspected non-compliance or mistreatment of animals will initiate an investigation. Findings and recommendations are reported to the Office of the President.

Report Abuse

Members of IACUC at Southeast Missouri State University are appointed by the President. They include two practicing scientists at the University experienced in research involving animals, one veterinarian with experience in laboratory animal science, one member from the University whose primary interests are in a nonscientific area, and one community member who is not affiliated with the University outside of service on IACUC.  

  • Dr. Michael Taylor, IACUC Chair, Biology
  • Dr. Christopher Baldwin, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion
  • Dr. Samantha Siemers, Agriculture
  • Barb MorganCommunity Member
  • Dr. Sean ByrdVeterinarian
  • Deborah JungBiology Technician
  • Pamela A. Vargas, Non-Voting Member, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

The Southeast Missouri State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires that all Principal Investigators with an approved IACUC Application for the Use of Vertebrate Animals (AUVA), and any personnel listed on those applications, complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Courses before they are allowed to begin working on the project. CITI Program is a web-based subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of the research community. CITI is a multi-language site used by over 830 participating institutions and facilities from around the world including Southeast Missouri State University. Southeast Missouri State University’s training requirements in animal research are satisfied by completion of specified CITI training courses.  

Prior to working on an approved IACUC project, all research personnel must complete Southeast Missouri State University’s course in animal research entitled, "Working With the IACUC" as well as any applicable species-specific modules. An aggregate score of 80% must be achieved for all modules within a course in order to pass the course. CITI training is valid for 3 years following successful course completion with reminders sent by the CITI Program 90 days prior to the expiration of training. In addition to taking required training modules, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that any new research personnel are added to existing IACUC protocols.  

The forms you will need to fill out will depend on the nature of your project or class activity. All new proposals must contain Form A (Cover Page) and Form B (Personnel). Form A will indicate which additional forms you will need to fill out. You can also refer to the information below. When completed, send all forms to 

Every year the Principle Investigator(s) must fill out an annual report (Form Y). If you made changes to the personnel or protocol, you must fill out the corresponding forms (Listed on Form Y and listed below). If no changes were made to the personnel or the protocol, then only Form Y needs to be submitted. Note: protocols are only good for a maximum of three years. You will need to fill out a new proposal to continue the project after three years. When completed, send all forms to 

Certain protocols may not be required to fill out an entire proposal. Form X lists possible exemptions. If you fill out Form X, you may not start the project or class activity until the IACUC committee has approved the exemption. If you are not sure if your project meets the exemption criteria, please contact the chair of the IACUC committee. When completed, send the form to 

Form A - Cover Page (DOC) (Must be included with all new proposals) 

Form Y - Annual Report (DOC) (Must be included with all annual reports) 

Form X – Application for Exemption (DOC)  

Use if Applicable 

Pain or Distress 

Animals in the USDA Pain or Distress Classification D or E or requiring the use of analgesic/anesthetic/tranquilizing drugs  

Form H - Pain or Distress Classification D or E or Use of Analgesic (DOC)

Form K - Euthanasia and Disposition of Animals (DOC)


Form I - Surgery (DOC) 

Form K - Euthanasia and Disposition of Animals (DOC)  

Instruction in a Classroom Setting 

Form J - Student Classroom Training (DOC)

Form K - Euthanasia and Disposition of Animals (DOC) 


Includes: Tagging, temporary capture for measurements 

Form K - Euthanasia and Disposition of Animals (DOC)

Use of Hazardous Agents 

Radiolabeled, biological, chemical agents 

Form L - Hazardous Agents (DOC) 

Form K - Euthanasia and Disposition of Animals (DOC)

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