EdTech Academy: A Next Generation Teaching and Learning Conference

June 21, 2022


Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences in 21st Century Schools and Classrooms!

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Calling all educators! Join us for EdTech Academy on June 21, 2022! This is a next generation teaching and learning conference for PK-20 educators. Discover ways to implement effective teaching and learning practices in an ever-evolving educational landscape. Gain fresh and innovative ideas, strategies, tools, and resources that engage and empower students, enhance curriculum, improve instruction, and deepen learning. Learn ways to effectively leverage the power of technology to create meaningful, authentic, and relevant learning experiences in 21st century schools and classrooms – experiences that provide students opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Attend sessions, facilitated by passionate educators, related to effective and innovative teaching & learning practices, meaningful technology integration, and active student-centered learning. Network and learn from other educators ways to transform teaching and learning in your classroom. You don’t want to miss this distinct learning opportunity with inspiring and dynamic educational leaders!


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Call for Proposals

Interested in presenting at EdTech Academy? The Call for Proposals is open through March 9, 2022.

Keynote, Spotlight, and Special Events

We are so excited to welcome Gerry Brooks as the Keynote Speaker at EdTech Academy 2022!

Schedule at a Glance

(tentative/subject to change)

Time Event
8:00 am - 9:00 am Registration, Dempster Atrium
9:00 am - 9:10 am Welcome in Glenn Auditorium, Dempster Hall
9:10 am - 10:10 am Opening Keynote by Gerry Brooks in Glenn Auditorium, Dempster Hall
10:25 am - 11:15 am Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
11:25 am - 12:15 pm Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Lunch, Dempster Atrium
1:25 pm - 2:15 pm Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
2:25 pm - 3:15 pm Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
3:25 pm Closing and Door Prizes in Glenn Auditorium, Dempster Hall


(tentative/subject to change)

10:25 - 11:15
Dempster 103 Setting Students Up for Self Efficacy
Dempster 105 Building Relationships with Parents, Colleagues, and Students
Dempster 124 Get Hands on with Tech!
Dempster 125 Using Nearpod to Enhance Learning
Dempster 126 Engaging Primary Learners with iPad
Dempster 127 How to Talk to Your Tech Director 101
Dempster 128 Hack Your Organizational Skills using G-Suite
11:25 - 12:15
Dempster 103 Podcasting in Schools
Dempster 105 Building Relationships with Parents, Colleagues, and Students
Dempster 124 Why plan for tomorrow when you can plan for today?
Dempster 125 Google Hacks
Dempster 126 Creativity Ideas for Primary Learners with iPad
Dempster 127 Digital Lessons for Real World Learning
Dempster 128 Stop Repeating Yourself! Use Digital Feedback
1:25 - 2:15
Dempster 001 Google Thinking vs. Student Thinking
Dempster 003 Build Your Own Copecake!
Dempster 026 Intentional Play: Integrating Sensory Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms (PK-2)
Dempster 103 Walk, Listen & Share
Dempster 124 Tips and Tricks to Save You Clicks
Dempster 125 Canva Craze
Dempster 126 Accessibility for Primary Learners with iPad
Dempster 127 Analog Adventures in a Video Game World: Developing Assessment Capable Learners and Student Personal Development through the use of Role Playing Games in the Classroom
Dempster 128 OoRah Leadership!
2:25 - 3:15
Dempster 001 Re-imagining Division with Student Thinking & Technology
Dempster 003 Sketchnote Graphic Organizers: A Match Made in Heaven
Dempster 026 Technology Tools for Science Fair
Dempster 103 Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom
Dempster 124 Low Prep Cognitive Strategies to Increase Student Engagement
Dempster 125 Google - Outside the Box!
Dempster 126 Creativity vs. Consumption for Primary Learners with iPad
Dempster 127 Digital Citizenship - Resources to Keep Students Safe Online
Dempster 128 OoRah Leadership!

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