The primary purpose of the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS) is the development and support of effective school leaders. Leadership workshops are divided in to five different levels to meet the developmental needs of all types of leaders. From new leaders trying to be successful in their first “Building Leadership” position to experienced leaders, the leadership workshops are designed to support skill-growth and development among all leaders.


mlds: pD for school leaders

Emerging Level I (Year 1)
July 28 Regional Meeting 1
September 28 Regional Meeting 2
November 9 or 16 or 17 Feedback and Coaching Lab 1
January 11 Regional Meeting 3
March 8 or 16 or 22 Feedback and Coaching Lab 2


Emerging Level II (Year 2)
September 8 Regional Meeting 1
October 14 or 20 or 27 School Culture Walk 
February 22 Regional Meeting 2
March  School Walk Around


Developing Level I/Leadership Academy
June 14-16 Leadership Academy Kickoff
September 21 Regional Meeting 1
October 6-9 Outdoor Leadership Experience
November 30 Regional Meeting 2
January 13-14 Leadership Academy Winter Meeting
February TBD Regional Meeting 3: State BOE Meeting
April 4 Regional Meeting 4
June 15-17 Leadership Academy Completer Meeting - GRADUATION
*For information concerning Leadership Academy activities, visit this site.


Developing Level II (Year 2)
September 22 Regional Meeting 1
November 3 Coaching Lab 
February 1 Regional Meeting 2
March 2 Coaching Lab


Transformational Leader I
November 2 Meeting 1
December 7 Meeting 2
February 10 Meeting 3
March 15 Meeting 4

Dr. Vince Powell                                     
MO Leadership Development Specialist

Rick McClard
MO Leadership Development Specialist

Laura Marquis
MO Leadership Development Specialist
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