Professional development and support on effective math instruction, including, but not limited to: Metacognition, Math Workshop Model; Diving Deeper into Grade Level Expanded Missouri Learning Standards in Mathematics; and Mathematics Coaching: Resources and Tools for Math Instructional Coaches.

Math Collaborative Group

Date Workshop Subject
September 28 Meeting 1
December 7 Meeting 2
February 7 Meeting 3
March 7 Meeting 4

Diving Deeper Into Grades K-2

Date Workshop Subject
December 13 Session 1: Number Sense & Operations
February 1 Session 2: Geometry & Measurement
December 4 Diving Deeper into Grades K-2 (Kennett)

Diving Deeper Into Grades 3-5

Date Workshop Subject
November 1 Session 1 - Multiplication and Division
January 30 Session 2 - Fractions
March 18 Session 3 - Geometry
December 5 Diving Deeper into Grades 3-5 (Kennett)

Diving Deeper Into Grades 6-8 

Date Workshop Subject
November 8 Session 1- Expressions, Equations, Inequalities & Number Sense and Operations
January 31 Session 2 - Ratios and Proportional Relationships
March 27 Session 3- Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
December 6 Diving Deeper into Grades 6-8 (Kennett)

Making Sense of Fluency

Date Workshop Subject
August 30 Making Sense of Fluency in Grades 3-5
September 11 Making Sense of Fluency in Grades K-2
September 18 Making Sense of Fluency in Grades 6-8
October 11 Making Sense of Fluency in Grades K-5 (Kennett)

Jr. High/High School Math Network

Date Workshop Subject
October 24 Meeting 1
March 6 Meeting 2

Other Math Workshops

Date Workshop Subject
October 16 Math Strategies for K-12 Special Education Teachers
January 11 Talking in Math? It's Allowable!
February 28 MAPing Your Way to a Proficient Math Student


Renee Deken
Math Consultant 
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Lynn McKuin
Math Consultant 
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Linda Null
Math Consultant
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