Special education covers a wide range of services and supports provided by the school district to any eligible student with a disability. The provision of special education is firmly rooted in both state and federal regulations and mandates, as well as, guided by evidence-based practices. The special education process relies heavily on collaborative partnerships between general education and special education staff and parents. Data-based, team-driven determinations guide the special education process from prereferral interventions all the way through the development and progress monitoring of an Individualized Education Program.

Workshops for All Educators (General and Special Education)

These workshops are designed for all educators: both general and special educators are invited to attend these trainings.

Date Workshop Topic
October 10  November 15
December 12
New to Special Education Academy
November 29 and January 17 IDEAdministrator Team Training: What All Administrators Need to Know About Special Education
February 1 and 2 Transition Academy: Prepping Students for Life
February 22 Section 504 Review & What's New
February 26 Strategies to Support Students Affected by Trauma
March 20 The Science of Reading and What It Means in Special Education

Special Education Compliance Connection: SEMO

(Southeast Missouri State University - University Center, Redhawks Room)

Date Workshop Topic
October 19 Meeting 1
December 7 Meeting 2
February 14 Meeting 3
April 18 Meeting 4

Special Education Compliance Connection: North

(North St. Francois School District - Primary Building)

Date Workshop Topic
October 24 Meeting 1
December 6 Meeting 2
February 13 Meeting 3
April 17 Meeting 4

Special Education Compliance Connection: South

(Pemiscot County Career & Technical Center - Hayti, MO)

Date Workshop Topic
October 17 Meeting 1
December 5 Meeting 2
February 12 Meeting 3
April 16 Meeting 4


Berkley Rosenquist
Special Education Improvement Consultant
(573) 651-2718

Tiffiney Smith
Special Education Compliance Consultant
(573) 651-2621

Physical Address
920 Broadway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Mailing Address
One University Plaza MS 0120
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701