Move-in is an exciting and potentially overwhelming time, whether you're a first-time student or returning. That’s why we’ve created guides for each semester to help your move go smoothly so you can settle in before the semester begins. Here you'll find checklists, schedules and tips on what to expect from your new roommate and community. For questions about the process, please reach out to the Office of Residence Life. We’re here to help 

What should I bring? 

Bed and Bath 

  • Bath Towels/Washcloths   
  • Bedding (Twin XL sheets, blanket, pillow, and pillowcase) 
  • Decorations  
  • Lamp (non-halogen)   
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies   
  • Shower Caddy  
  • Shower Shoes   
  • Trash Can and Liners 


  • Laundry Basket  
  • Laundry Detergent (HE only, no washer sheets)  
  • Iron and Ironing Board  
  • Hangers 


  • Can Opener 
  • Crock pot (one per room) 
  • Dishware/Silverware  
  • Snack Food 


  • Alarm Clock  
  • Calculator   
  • Computer   
  • Ethernet Cord  
  • Jump Drive/Memory Stick   
  • Microwave (max 800 watts) Only one per room
  • Mini-Refrigerator (max 3.2 cubic feet) Only one per room
  • Phone   
  • Printer (wired connection only)  
  • Radio, Stereo, MP3 Player, iPod, Movies, etc. 
  • Surge Protector   
  • Streaming Device
  • TV (must contain a Clear QAM Digital Tuner) 


  • Cleaning Supplies  
  • Cards/Games   
  • First Aid Kit   
  • Sewing repair kit (needle, thread, scissors) 
  • Umbrella/Rainboots 

*To avoid bringing duplicates, you may wish to confer with your roommate. 

What should I leave at home? 

  • Air Conditioner or Space Heaters 
  • Air fryer 
  • Alcohol/Drugs 
  • Appliances with an open heating element (toaster, toaster oven, hot plate, George Foreman grills) 
  • Halogen lamp, quartz lamp, or any other lamp (including a desk lamp) with an exposed bulb 
  • Open flames (e.g., candles, incense)  
  • Hazardous chemicals, including flammable liquids 
  • Illegal or unauthorized materials (e.g., alcohol, drugs, fireworks, stolen property) 
  • Pets (except fish)  
  • Toaster Ovens 
  • Valuable/Irreplaceable Items  
  • Weapons (guns, knives, etc.) 
  • Airsoft/Pellet/BB/Paintball Guns 
  • Decorative Swords/Knives 
  • Wi-Fi Routers (will be confiscated) 

 For a full list of unsupported technology visit Information Technology’s page.  

Prepare for the move  

Do's and Don'ts when Setting Up Your Room 

Do bring an ethernet cord 

You have the option of using an Ethernet cord or Wi-Fi to access on-campus internet, but do not connect more than two devices to campus Wi-Fi at any time. Limiting the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi improves access for everyone. 

Don't connect printers and video consoles to Wi-Fi 

Limit streaming videos to Ethernet connected devices. Streaming on Wi-Fi connected devices slows down the system for everyone. Connect printers and video consoles to the Game Network for better reliability and turn off devices when not in use. 


Important Reminders 

Roommate Interactions – Expect Differences 

Southeast residents have different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and lifestyles. In fact, that’s what makes living on campus such a wonderful expansion of your learning experience here at SEMO. Expect to meet and room with people who are different from you—embrace these differences! ‘Different’ does not mean someone is wrong, ignorant, immoral, or strange.  

The way you and your roommate handle your differences can make or break your relationship. If you and your roommate disagree about something, ask them to explain their point of view to better understand their position. It may or may not change your mind, but either way it will give you the opportunity to better understand your roommate’s way of thinking. In the end, you may have to agree to disagree, but sometimes that’s the best way to move forward.  

Alcohol and Marijuana are major inhibitors of student academic success. Southeast strictly enforces and prohibits the use and possession of alcohol and marijuana, including their containers (full or empty) in residence halls. The use of recreational or medicinal marijuana in any form is prohibited by University policy.

Candles and Incense are a fire safety hazard that could put you and the residence in your building in danger. The use of candles and incense is prohibited. However, electric candle warmers, scented wax, oil diffusers, and other forms of smoke-less air fresheners are allowed. 

Internet. You will want to set these up once you move into your room.  To access campus internet, you will need to register all electronic devices that need Wi-Fi. Instructions for accessing the internet are available through IT’s Guide for Personal Devices. 

MicroFridges are a combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave designed specifically for dorm rooms and are available for rent through the Office of Residence Life. They will even deliver the MicroFridge to your room and pick it up at the end of the spring semester. For pricing, rental and additional information, visit the MicroFridge Rental page. 

Are you ready to move in? 


In accordance with Missouri Revised Statute section 174.335, all campus residents are required to have received the meningococcal vaccine before (no more than five years), prior to the first day of class at Southeast. If you have not submitted a copy of your shot record containing proof of meningitis vaccination, you need to submit verification before you move into the residence hall. If you have not received the vaccination prior to your arrival, you will be directed to the Campus Health Clinic, operated by Southeast HEALTH, to obtain your meningococcal vaccination. The Health Clinic accepts most insurances, and the charge can be applied to your student account.  

To be exempt from receiving the shot, you must complete and submit the Student Immunization Waiver for Meningococcal Vaccination form to the Office of Residence Life (3.1.5 Team Directory – Office of Residence Life).  

Proof of your meningococcal vaccine, or a completed waiver form must be on file prior to the first day of classes. 

Res Hall Addresses  

Dobbins River Campus Center 

410 S Fountain Street 

Room # 


LaFerla Hall  

982 Greek Drive 


Merick Hall  

330 N. Henderson Street 

Room # 


Greek/Group Housing 

1000 Towers Circle 

Building Letter & Room # 


Myers Hall 

321 Dearmont Circle 

Room # 



1000 Towers Circle 

Towers **** & Room # 


Vandiver Hall 

350 N. Henderson Street 

Room # 


Residence Hall Move-In

How do I check my housing assignment? 

  1. Log in to MySoutheast. 
  2. Select the “Student SS” tab. 
  3. Scroll down to locate the “Residence Life” channel. 
  4. Select the “Residence Life Housing Portal” link. 
  5. Select “Residence Life Housing Portal” once again. 
  6. Select “New” or “Current/Returning Students.” 
  7. Select “Assignment Info” to view your housing assignment. 

 Move-In Dates 

Due to the number of students moving on to campus, Residence Life has designated move in days based on student type and residence halls. This allows for an ease of traffic flow and ensures there is the needed staff for the residence halls to assist incoming students. These dates may be different from the contracted room assignment dates.

  • Thursday, August 10-Monday, August 14 – new international students arrive – check-in at Towers Complex
  • Saturday, August 12- Band Leadership, Greek Leadership (Department will provide a list of students to Residence Life)– check-in at Towers Complex
  • Sunday, August 13 – Band, Theater, Success @ SE, Show Me Gold, Campus Department student workers (Department will provide a list of students to Residence Life)- check-in at Towers Complex
  • Monday, August 14 – Greek & Returning students for Dobbins, Merick, Myers, Vandiver, LaFerla, and Towers West- Check in at Show Me Center
  • Tuesday, August 15 – Returning students for Dobbins, Merick, Myers, Vandiver, LaFerla, Towers East, Towers North, and Towers South - Check in at Show Me Center
  • Wednesday, August 16 – New students (AM) for Myers, Vandiver, Towers North, and Towers South Returning students (PM) - Check in at Show Me Center
  • Thursday, August 17 – New students for Dobbins, Merick, Myers, LaFerla, Towers West, and Towers East- Check in at Show Me Center
  • Friday, August 18 –Sunday, August 20 – open check-in at halls (Group Housing check-in at Towers complex)
  • Early Arrivals 

Unfortunately, due to the preparations for Fall, students will not be able to arrive to campus earlier than the beginning of our scheduled move-in process. If you are required by a department to return to campus before your approved date, the department will send Residence Life a list of names they are requesting to move in early and we will partner with them for your early arrival, however, that does not necessarily waive the early arrival fee (ask your department for details). All students may be assessed an early arrival charge of $25/night for each night they are on campus before approved date of arrival.

Room Changes 

Room change request will be done by the Hall Director through the Room Change Request form. The form can be found on the Residence Life Portal and will be made available the second week of classes. Requests will be evaluated based on space availability and are not guarenteed.

How do I check my housing assignment?  

Starting January 6th, you can view your housing assignment online from your housing portal by following these steps:  

  • Log in to  MySoutheast .  
  • Select Tools View All.  
  • Open Life at SEMO section by clicking on the arrow.  
  • Click on Load more until you see Residence Life Housing Portal. (click star to add to shortcuts)
  • Sign in with your SE Key and Password. 
  • Select "Residence Life Housing Portal"
  • Select “New” (never lived on campus) or “Returning Students.”  (currently on campus)
  • Select the “Assignment Info” tab.  
  • Verify the application period and click next.  
  • Click on “Next” button under the Assignment Information – Spring 23 section.  
  • Verify the application period again and click “Next.”  
  • You can then view your current assignment and meal plan to view roommates/suitemates click “Next Step.”  
  • Click “Preview” to view assignment.
Room or Hall Change Requests

Due to space limitations, we may not be able to accommodate building and/or hall requests. If you want to change your room or hall, contact the Office of Residence Life. You will be notified through your Southeast email if a change can be made. If we are unable to change your placement before January 6, you should plan to move into your assigned space and work with our office after opening to request a change.  

Move-in Dates  

  • International move in January 6
  • New/Transfer Student who have First Step Orientation January 12
  • New/Transfer Student January 13

Emails will be sent to students confirming the move in process and steps needed to take for move in. Students will pick up their keys and check in at the Towers Complex, 1000 Towers Circle, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701.

Early Arrivals

Unfortunately, due to the preparations for spring, students will not be able to arrive on campus early. If you are required to arrive on campus before these dates, please contact us to discuss any options that may be available.

Carts and dollies/hand trucks will not be available; however, students are permitted to bring their own to assist with their move-in. We encourage students to minimize what they bring from home and not bring anything but necessary belongings, no big items, and no furniture. This will make it easier to move-in and keep a non-cluttered living area clean and sanitized. 

Meal Plan

Meal plans will begin January 15 at Brunch in limited Locations. Please refer to the SEMO Dining website for venue dates and times.


Housing Assignment 

You will receive your housing assignment information via email. You can verify your housing assignment from the housing portal tab “Assignment Info.” 

Summer Dates

Coming Soon!!!


Check-in will take place at Towers Customer Service Desk (1000 Towers Circle) between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Students arriving later in the summer will also check-in at the Towers Customer Service desk on their date of arrival. 

Unfortunately, due to the preparations for summer, students will not be able to arrive on campus or move into their summer assignments early than approved move in dates. If you are required to arrive on campus before these dates, please contact us to discuss any options that may be available.

Carts and dollies/hand trucks will not be available; however, students are permitted to bring their own to assist with their move-in. We encourage students to minimize what they bring from home and not bring anything but necessary belongings, no big items, and no furniture. This will make it easier to move-in and keep a non-cluttered living area clean and sanitized.  


When parking or unloading your vehicle, do not park in any reserved parking spaces. After unloading, you must register your vehicle with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Towers Resident parking lot (located near Group Housing) is available except for the reserved and metered parking spaces. 

For any parking related questions or concerns contact Parking Services.  

Mail Services 

Packages will be checked in at the Towers Customer Service Desk and available for pick-up with ID and emailed confirmation from the University mailroom.  

Towers Customer Service Desk 

The Customer Service Desk at Towers will be open daily with scheduled service hours 3pm -9pm. If you are locked out of your room, call the RA duty phone number posted at the Towers Customer Service Desk. 

Meal Service 

Food will be served at Towers Landing. Visit the SEMO Dining site for summer hours of operation. Meal plans are not required for summer. There are only two meal plans offered during the summer and food is only offered at Towers Landing, Subway, and Starbucks. 

Towers Complex 102
Mailing Address

One University Plaza, MS 0055
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701