Why Rent a MicroFridge? 

Make your room a little more like home with a MicroFridge! Our MicroFridges are a combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave designed specifically for college residence hall rooms. The rental fee is $160 per academic year, billed to your student account at $80 each semester. The Office of Residence Life will deliver the MicroFridge to your room and pick it up at the end of the spring semester. If you change rooms during the year, Residence Life will move the fridge for you at no additional cost. 

Unit Specifications 

Total Capacity: 2.9 cu. ft. 
Refrigerator Volume: 2.13 cu. ft. 
Freezer Volume: 0.75 cu. ft. 
Microwave Output: 700 watts 
Total Height of Combined Unit: 44.13" 

The MicroFridge is available on a rental arrangement only. Rental is for both fall and spring semesters of the academic year. The rental fee is $160 for the academic year; this will be billed as a charge on your University account in the amount of $80 per semester. 

Upon completion of the application and payment, Residence Life will deliver the MicroFridge to the student’s assigned room. Whenever possible, deliveries will be made before the student arrives on campus. For rental agreements received after August 1, deliveries will be made by the end of the first week of classes. Residence Life does not guarantee that the unit will be in the room upon your arrival. For this reason, do not bring perishable foods with you to school. Residence Life will not be responsible for any food items spoiled prior to the arrival of the rental unit. 

Full refunds will be processed for cancellations postmarked on or before the first day of classes. There are no refunds after classes begin and fees will not be prorated. 

The MicroFridge is assigned to the student who completes the rental agreement. The responsibility for the unit can only be transferred to another student by having that student complete a rental agreement in person at the Office of Residence Life. 

If you change rooms, the Office of Residence Life will move the unit to your new room. Students are not authorized to move the unit from one room to another. 

The student signing this agreement is responsible for the replacement cost of the MicroFridge ($525) if the unit is lost or stolen and for any repairs or damages that are not the result of normal wear and tear. The student is prohibited from separating the unit or removing the blue plug from the microwave. A minimum $50.00 damage fee will automatically be charged to the student’s account if the unit has been disassembled or tampered with in any manner. If the unit malfunctions, Residence Life will deliver a replacement unit to the student’s room at no cost, or the rental agreement will be cancelled if no unit is available. 

Students must leave the MicroFridge in their designated room when they leave campus. If the unit is thoroughly cleaned, dry, defrosted, and has all the issued parts, no other charges will be incurred. If it is not left in the designated room, and Residence Life personnel must search for the unit, or if it is returned without being clean and dry, further charges($25 minimum) will be assessed. Students are responsible for the return and cleanliness of the MicroFridge unit. 

The University shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, including personal injury, caused, directly or indirectly, by misuse or abuse of the unit other than by University personnel.