What is Special Interest Housing? 

Special Interest Housing are communities of students where students who share a similar interest live together. There are 16 communities at SEMO: Agriculture Learning Community, Arts & Media Collective, Business Learning Community, Cyberhawks Learning Community, Future Medical Professionals, Gender Inclusive, Honors, Military and Veterans, Pet-Friendly, Professional Pilot, Redhawk Social Advocates, SEMO Start Ups, Sports Management Learning Community, Technology Hawks, Tomorrow’s Teachers Learning Community, and the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). Each community occupies a floor or part of a floor of a residence hall, except VPA which has its own building. So, imagine a fully immersive college experience where you share not only living spaces with your neighbors but also common interests like academic majors, professional ambitions, or life experiences

Benefits of Living in a Special Interest Housing Community

Communities specialize in providing a place for individuals to thrive and build connections which last beyond the classroom and their time here at SEMO. So, what can you expect when living in a Special Interest Housing community?

  • You’ll attend events organized specifically for your community. 
  • Meet other students with shared special interests. 
  • Live in a supportive environment where friendships thrive. 
  • New students experience a smoother transition to college. 
  • Connect with faculty and staff outside the classroom.  
  • Academic community members can take advantage of community study group opportunities. 
  • Establish a professional network of community members, faculty, staff, and visiting professionals.  

With the help of faculty, staff, and Residence Life, each community is designed to improve engagement through social programming around community themes and provide access to resources that will aid in your academic and personal success.

To apply to a Special Interest Housing community, complete the Special Interest Housing Application when completing the housing contract. An application is required for all Special Interest Housing communities and must be approved before requesting a room in the community.

To learn more, contact: 
Office of Residence Life 
(573) 651-2274  

Special Interest Housing Communities Fall 23/ Spring 24

The application review process for the 23/24 school year will start October 15, 2022. Processing can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Students will be sent an email to their Southeast email account letting them know if their application has been approved, denied, or waitlisted.

The Gender Inclusive Community provides a housing option tailored for students that identify as LGBTQ+, are questioning their gender identify, are more comfortable living with someone who is not the same assigned gender at birth, and for those whom same biological/legal sex room assignments may not be ideal. Gender Inclusive Housing supports Southeast’s Nondiscrimination Policy.

  • Location: Vandiver Hall 
  • Residents: First-year and Returning students 
  • Requirement: Application approval

Learn more about the Gender Inclusive Community.

The Military and Veterans community is a campus housing environment designed for Show Me GoldAir Force ROTCenlisted military, and/or veteran students. This community promotes engagement and personal growth at Southeast. In the Military and Veterans Community, you’ll find yourself surrounded by students with similar experiences, but with diverse academic goals and interests.  

  • Location: Vandiver Hall 
  • Residents: First-year and returning students 
  • Requirement: Verification of participation in the above mentioned groups or Military/Veteran status 

We get it, your pet is a part of your family. Apply for the opportunity to bring your four-legged furry (or scaly) friend with you to campus. 

  • Location: Myers Hall 
  • Residents: First-year and Returning students 
  • Requirement: Application approval

Learn more about Pet Friendly Housing.

Academic Living & Learning Communities

In the Agriculture Community, you’ll engage with students and faculty with similar interests and take part in programs and events that are specifically catered to students with an agriculture-related major.  

  • Majors requirement: Any Major within the Department of Agriculture
  • Location: LaFerla Hall 
  • Residents: First-year and returning students 
  • First-year members have mandatory classes together
  • Returning community members may have classes together 

As a resident of the Arts & Media Collective you’ll enjoy a creative environment built to support your career interests. Plus, you’ll interact with faculty in your major through programs and events held right in the residence hall.  

In the Business Learning Community, you will have access to informal programs and special events with faculty and staff throughout the year. Activities are designs to better prepared you for the next steps in your career like internships, externships, and entering the workforce. 

  • Majors requirement: Any Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) within the Harrison College of Business and Computing 
  • Location: LaFerla Hall 
  • Residents: First-year students 
  • Community members have mandatory classes together

As a member of the CyberHawks Learning Community, you will have the opportunity to engage in events and Activities reltated to your major.

Are you a future medical professional? This community was designed for you. As a member, you’ll participate in organized activities and collaborate with faculty and healthcare professionals.  

  • Major requirement: Nursing, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, or Healthcare Management, Nutrition, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Chiropractic 
  • Location: Vandiver Hall 
  • Residents: First-year and returning students 

The Honors Learning Community is designed specifically for students in the Jane Stephens Honors Program. Enrich your academic experience through faculty involvement, field trips, community service projects, and fun scholarly events. 

  • Major requirement: Any 
  • Location: LaFerla Hall 
  • Residents: First-year and returning Honors students  
  • Additional Requirement: Verification as member of Jane Stephens Honors Program 

Started in the Fall 2022, the Professional Pilot Community is designed specifically to support the students in one of Southeast’s newest programs.  Students will be able to engage with each other, instructors, and staff with dedicated and specific activities.  

  • Major requirement: Professional Pilot
  • Location: Vandiver Hall
  • Residents: First-year and returning students

This community is for students who strongly believe they can make a difference. Through events, activities, community trips, and faculty support you will start building the foundation needed for a career as a social advocate.

  • Major requirements: Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Family Studies, Criminal Justice
  • Location: Vandiver
  • Residents: First-year and returning students 

The SEMO Startups Learning Community was born out of a partnership of the Office of Residence Life and the Harrison College of Business and Computing. In this community, you will have the opportunity to connect with students in any major, faculty in various disciplines, and local entrepreneurs. You’ll also have opportunities to win cash prizes and potential scholarships.  

  • Major requirement: Any 
  • Location: LaFerla Hall 
  • Residents: Transfer and Returning students 

Members of the Sport Management Learning Community have the opportunity to participate in dedicated programs and events related to sports management, including faculty-led programs.   

  • Major requirement: Sport Management 
  • Location: Vandiver
  • Residents: First-year and returning students 
  • First-year members have mandatory classes together
  • Returning community members may have classes together 

Connect with students and faculty with similar interests by joining the Cybersecurity, Computer Science, and Engineering Community. As a member, you’ll take part in unique opportunities related to your area of study.  

Learn about your future profession by joining the Tomorrow's Teachers Learning Community, where you’ll interact with faculty and advisors while connecting with classmates. 

  • Major: Any Education Major
  • Location: LaFerla Hall 
  • Residents: First-year students 
  • Requirement: Expectations agreement 
  • Community members have mandatory classes together

As a member of the Visual and Performing Arts Community, you’ll connect with other creative students both inside and outside your major while building a supportive social network. Plus, you’ll get to interact with faculty at programs and events in the residence hall. 

  • Major requirement: any major in Holland College of Arts & Media
  • Location: Dobbins River Campus Center 
  • Residents: First-year and returning students 

Hear from one of our students

"My favorite thing would have to be the Learning Community housing options offered in the dorms. I lived in the Business Learning Community my freshman year and was able to meet some of my best friends. I was also able to get more involved in the Harrison College of Business and Computing. I have lived in this community for three years now and am currently serving as the RA, so I have been able to grow in leadership ability and involvement each year through this program. "

Hannah Kroencke, student

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