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What will you do while living on campus? You will: eat fresh food at every meal, save time walking to class, and find your flock in the heart of the action—but that’s not all. Students living on campus form better relationships with faculty, get more involved in campus life, earn better grades, and increase their likelihood of graduating on time. 

Whatever you do here, you won’t do it alone.

Residency Requirement

Living on campus at SEMO is an essential part of your college experience.  Students who live on campus tend to be more involved and are more likely to return the following year. That’s why full-time Southeast students must live on campus for their first four semesters. Find out more about Residency Requirements and if you may be exempt. 

Find Your Flock

  • Special Interest Housing

    Special Interest Housing Communities were created for students who share similar interests or study in the same academic program to live together, sometimes on the same floor, but always in the same building. This can give you a jump start in connecting with others as soon as you move in.
  • Residence Hall Association

    Want to be a part of a diverse student group and represent your residence hall? Or are you looking for activities taking place around the residence halls to meet your classmates? The Residence Hall Association plans activities within the residence halls and serves as the voice of students living on campus.
  • Pet-Friendly

    There's no place like home, and nothing makes a place feel more like home than your favorite furry, or scaly, friend. We understand a loving pet can ease your transition and overall college experience. That’s why we developed our Pet-Friendly Community. Find out how your best friend can live on campus with you.
  • Student Organizations

    With over 180 student organizations from eSports to Scuba Club, you'll never be bored. Whatever your interests, you can lead, serve, or play in a community. Explore our Student Organizations list to get involved, and if you don't see an organization you want to join, create a new one.

Apply for Housing

Apply for Housing

Eager to get a closer look? There’s no better way to get a feel for life on campus than to see it for yourself. Does SEMO already feel at home? Then what are you waiting for? Apply for housing and join the nest. Fall 24/ Spring 25 Contract: Open NOW! Spring 2025 Only Contract: Coming November 2024 Fall 25/ Spring 26 Contract: Coming October 2024

Campus Amenities

Your residence hall is your home away from home, and we want you to have all the same comforts (and more) as you had before you moved on campus. Enjoy:

  • Wi-Fi with Support Staff
  • Customer Service Desks and Mail/Package Processing
  • 24/7 Computer Labs
  • Kitchenettes
  • Laundry On-site (at no extra cost!)
  • Special Interest Housing
  • Maintenance and Custodial Staff
  • Shuttle Access
  • Dining Access

SEMO football players help new students carry belongings to their rooms on move-in day. 

Moving to Campus

How do you check in to your hall? Which meal plan is best for you? How do you connect your printer? We’ll answer these questions and more in our Move-In Guide and the Residence Life Handbook.

When packing for the big move, check out our List of Suggested Items to decide what to bring and what to leave at home. Still have questions? Email us at or call (573) 651-2274.

Terms to Know

  • RA- Resident Assistant
  • RHA- Residence Hall Association
  • NRHH- National Residence Hall Honorary
  • HD- Hall Director
  • Single- A room for only one person (1 bed, 2 desks, 2 chairs, etc.)
  • Double- A room set up for two people (2 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, etc.)
  • Private- A double room where one person has purchased both sides of the room so no one else can live in the room with them. 
  • Contract Buyout- paying to get out of the remainder of the housing contract.
  • Prorated- Only paying for the time you were living in the room.
  • Board- Meal plan
  • Deposit- a sum of money placed up front and kept in a holding account to later be returned or placed toward charges, cancelation fees, or damages upon moving out (Paid during completion of the housing contract)
  • Deferred Deposit- an approved delayed deposit, based on the student's SAI score (-1500 to zero), charged to the student's account at the beginning of the incoming semester to be paid with the student's bill. 
  • SAI- Student Aid Index, found on the FAFSA award letter
  • FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid 
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