Live with your pet on campus 

Your dream of bringing your pet to school has come true. Through SEMO’s Pet-Friendly Community, Southeast students can apply to have a pet live with them in Towers Hall. Only pre-approved pets are allowed on campus in pre-approved halls. Pets are not permitted during the summer semester. 

Approved Animals 

In order to bring your pet to the pet-friendly community in Towersl, you will need to get prior approval from Office Residence Life. Size restrictions apply, only pets in the following categories will be considered for residence: 

  • Indoor domestic cats – under 40 lbs. 
  • Domestic dogs – under 50 lbs. 
  • Small, caged animals: 
    • Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. 
    • Small cage – cage size approximately 30" x 12" x 12" 
  • Turtles, hermit crabs, lizards, reptiles, etc. 
    • A 29-gallon aquarium or smaller

Application and Documentation 

Your Animal Registration Request form, in the housing contract, will need to be submitted to the Office of Residence Life annually or for each new housing contract period. Requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to bringing the pet to campus. 

Pet-Friendly Community Procedures

Registration and Cleaning fee 

A non-refundable registration/cleaning fee must be submitted with the completed request form with each new housing contract (annually).  

  • Cats and dogs — $100 deposit 
  • Other small animals — $50 deposit 


Animals are not allowed to be brought to campus until they are approved. You must arrive to campus with your pet during the first two weeks of each semester. If your pet does not arrive on campus during that time period, then they will not be allowed to move to campus until the following semester. Your pet must remain in your assigned room and is not allowed elsewhere on campus, including other students’ rooms, residential common areas (e.g., lounges), and other areas of the University such as classrooms, academic buildings, administrative buildings, libraries, dining locations, the Student Recreation Center, fountains, etc. However, students are permitted to take the animal to a veterinarian, groomer, or trainer, or for outdoor exercise. 

Questions can be directed to the Office of Residence Life at 

Register Your Pet

Fill out the Animal Registration Form

Animal Health and Well-Being 

Animals must be well cared for which includes freshwater, food, grooming, flea prevention, odor control (bathing or cleaning), appropriate bedding or housing, documentation of updated shots, and an annual health assessment. 

Along with the Animal Registration Request form, the following documentation must be provided:  

  • Proof of ownership, length of time, and age provided by a veterinarian: 
  • Dogs must be at least one year old and have lived with the student’s family for at least 10 months 
  • Cats must be at least six months old and have lived with the student’s family for at least three months 
  • Length of ownership restrictions do not apply to other types of pets; however, veterinary records are required. 
  • Documentation from a licensed veterinarian that the pet is up-to-date on applicable vaccinations and is in good health. Applicable animals must wear a current rabies vaccination tag. 
  • Vaccines for rabies, DAPP, and distemper 
  • Flea/tick prevention and/or maintenance 
  • Dogs – Bordetella and heartworm prevention  
  • Cats –FIV, feline leukemia virus prevention (FeLV), and heartworm prevention 
  • Certification of Altering (spay or neuter) 
  • Only applicable to cats and dogs 

Emotional Support and Service Animals 

The residential experience is an essential part of the Southeast Missouri State University experience. For this reason, the Office of Residence Life works in conjunction with other campus departments to determine the most appropriate housing accommodation for a student. Students requesting special accommodations for medical, psychological, or other physical disability-related conditions are encouraged to register with the Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility and have to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Information provided for consideration is kept confidential and is only used during the evaluation. If you have an emotional support or service animal coming with you to campus, you will need to fill out the Special Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the Office of Residence Life.  The Office of Residence Life will partner with the Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility so we can make sure we are providing the best accommodations for your ESA/Service Animal and you. Animals brought on campus before accommodation approval could result in the removal of animals and denial of the request. 


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