The Donald G. and Gloria King LaFerla Hall is conveniently located near academic buildings, the Student Recreation Center, and the Towers Complex on the north side of campus. At LaFerla Hall you’ll enjoy suite style living with two-person rooms. Suitemates share double sinks and a separate bathroom and shower room. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and built-in closet. LaFerla Hall offers multiple small living rooms throughout the building, a large game room, community kitchen, laundry room, multiple study lounges on each floor, and a classroom on the first floor. 

LaFerla Hall’s location and layout have made it a welcome home to many of SEMO’s Special Interest Housing academic learning communities where you will find a mix of new and returning students.  

Take a virtual tour to get a full picture of what life at LaFerla Hall has to offer. 

LaFerla Hall Specifications

Four-person suite room item Specifications
Room (approximate measurements)  10'9"W x 17'5"L x 10'H 
Window: two (side-by-side) per room  3'4"W x 6'6"H 
Desktop  36"L x 24"W 
Free standing 3-drawer dresser: drawers are approximately 5.5" tall.  30"W x 30"H x 24"D 
Bedroom Outlets  4 quad outlets 
Bathroom Outlets  2 double outlets 
Built-in closet from the floor to the height of the closet rod: a shelf above the rod provides additional storage.  35.75"W x 26.5"D x 63.5"D 
Mattress size: extra-long twin, with loft kit  80"L x 38"W 
Storage beneath bed (approximate measurements): when bed is on the highest rung without lofting  80"L x 39"D x 33"H 
Space under sink  27"W x 24"H x 20"D 

LaFerla Amenities

Room and Floor Amenities

  • Bathroom: shared double sinks accessible outside of bathroom and shower rooms 
  • Built-in closet 
  • Community kitchen (in floor lounge) 
  • Floor lounge: seating, TV, and kitchen 
  • Internet: LAN (1 per student) and Wi-Fi 
  • Room furniture: bed, desk, chair, and dresser 
  • Study rooms 
  • Carpeted Flooring

LaFerla Hall 

  • Customer service desk  
  • Laundry (first floor) 
  • Program lounge: seating, kitchen, game area (first floor) 
  • Vending and ice machines (first floor) 

What’s nearby 

  • Academic buildings 
  • Restaurants  
  • Student Recreation Center 
  • Show Me Center 
  • Towers Complex 

Special Interest Housing Communities*

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Cyberhawks
  • Honors
  • SEMO Start Ups
  • Technology Hawks
  • Tomorrow's Teachers

*Application approval required

Quick Facts

  • Located on North Campus 
  • Capacity: 252 students 
  • Hall Type: suite style, shared bath/shower (cleaned by resident) 
  • Room Types: doubles 
  • 4 floors, 7 wings, 1 RA per wing 

Mailing Address

Student Name 
LaFerla Hall Room # 
982 Greek Drive 
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 

2023-2024 Residence Hall Rates

Greek/Group Singles $3750 $7500
Towers East and South Singles  $3750 $7500     
Towers East Doubles  $2950  $5900  $4425  $8850
Towers North and West      Doubles $3725 S7450 $5587.50 $11,175
Towers North and West Premium Doubles $4225  $8450 $6337.50 $12,675
Myers Singles $3925 $7850
Myers Doubles $3600 $7200 $5400 $10,800
Merick, LaFerla, Vandiver Doubles $3775 $7550 $5662.50 $11,325
Dobbins River Campus Center Doubles $3925 $7850  $5887.50 $11,775

RHA Fee 

$15 per semester 

The RHA fee serves multiple purposes. $7.30 goes to fund all the activities of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). These student leadership organizations provide programming, conference attendance, and leadership development opportunities to our on-campus residents. $5.00 goes to support safety and security in the residence halls. These funds assist the Office of Residence Life in expanding keycard access to exterior doors of residence halls, installing cameras at residence hall entrances, and maintaining that equipment. $2.70 funds the programming provided by the Resident Assistants (RAs) in each of our residence halls. This money supports community development and educational programming provided throughout the residence halls during the year. 

Technology Fee 

$30 per semester 

The technology fee is used to support the technology needs of each of the residence halls. This money supports the wireless and LAN networks in the student rooms, lounges, and throughout the residence halls. Funds are used to maintain and upgrade equipment, pay licensing or renewal fees, and maintain the software available to students within the residence halls. 



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Towers Complex 102
Mailing Address

One University Plaza, MS 0055
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701