At Towers East, floors 2-8, you’ll find a mix of new and returning Southeast students with double occupancy rooms. Floors 9-12 are dedicated to New Student single occupancy rooms with two floors for female residence and two floors for male residence. Towers’ community style living offers a friendly environment that makes it easy to meet people, get involved, build friendships, and establish your Southeast family.  

Towers East is a community style residence hall, meaning each floor shares a bathroom and shower room with private stalls. Each room comes furnished with a bed, desk, chair, clothing storage as well as a sink for getting ready or washing dishes. Two-person rooms have two beds, desks, and chairs. Every floor has a lounge where you’ll find a TV, microwave, and comfortable furniture for hanging out with floor mates as well as Resident Assistants (RA) throughout the building.

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Towers East Specifications

Room Item Specifications
Room (approximate measurements)  11'W x 16'L x 9'6"H 
Window  61"H x 43"W
Desktop 36"L x 24"W 
Shared built-in 8-drawer dresser: drawers are approximately 4" tall.  28.5"W x 24"D x 49"H 
Outlets 4 double outlets 
1 single outlet 
Built-in closets with shelf and hanging rod: hanging space from rod to floor   31.5"W x 35"D x 64"H 
Mattress size: extra-long twin  80"L x 38"W 
Storage beneath bed (approximate measurements): on the highest rung without lofting  80"L x 39"D x 33"H 
Space under sink  26"W x 23"D x 21"H 

Towers East Amenities

Room and Floor Amenities

  • Bathroom: communal bathroom and shower room  
  • Built-in clothing storage 
  • Floor lounge: seating, TV, and microwave 
  • Internet: LAN (1 per student) and Wi-Fi 
  • Room furniture: desk, chair, and bed  
  • Sink (each room) 
  • Tile Flooring

Towers East Hall

  • Community kitchen (first floor) 
  • Laundry (first floor) 
  • Program lounge (first floor) 
  • Vending and ice machines (first floor) 

Towers Complex

  • 24-hour customer service desk   
  • Dining options: Towers Landing and Rowdy’s 
  • eSports Arena  
  • Study room  

What's Nearby

  • Academic buildings 
  • Campus Health Clinic  
  • Recreation fields 
  • Student Recreation Center 
  • Show Me Center 
  • International Services

Quick Facts

  • Located in Towers Complex on North campus 
  • Capacity: 291 students 
  • Hall Type: community style, floor shares bath/shower rooms 
  • Room Types: Choose from single and two-person rooms. Single rooms are housed on floors 9-12 while floors 2-8 house two-person rooms.
  • 11 floors, 17-18 rooms per floor, 1 RA on floors 2-8, 9, & 11 
  • Restrooms cleaned professionally 

Mailing Address

Student Name 
Towers East Room # 
1000 Towers Circle 
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 

2022-2023 Residence Hall Rates

Residence Hall  Semester Rate  Academic Rate  Private Room Rate Semester  Private Room Rate Academic 
Towers East and Towers South Singles  $3,550 $7,100
Towers East and Towers South Doubles  $2,775  $5,550  $4,162.50 $8,325
Greek/Group Singles  $3,550 $7,100
Greek/Group Doubles  $3,000 $6,000  $4,500   $9,000
Towers North and Towers West Double with Private Bathroom  $4,050  $8,100 $6,075   $12,150
Towers North, Towers West $3,550 $7,100   $5,325  $10,650
Myers $3,450 $6,900 $5,175 $10,350
Merick, LaFerla, Vandiver $3,600 $7,200  $5,400  $10,800 
Dobbins River Campus Center  $3,750 $7,500  $5,625  $11,250 


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Towers Complex 102
Mailing Address

One University Plaza, MS 0055
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701