measure 1: impact on p-12 learning and development
1st Year Teacher's Principal Survey (Item 39b) 20202019
EPP Action Research Project 2018
measure 2: indicators of teaching effectiveness
Educator Preparation Summary Data Report - Teachers 2019
Teaching Effectiveness - MEES 2020
measure 3: satisfaction of employers and employment milestones
1st Year Employer's Survey
Teacher's Principal 2020 | 2019
Principal's Supervisor 2020
Counselor's Supervisor 2020
Employment and Retention Data 2018
measure 4: satisfaction of completers
Exit Survey 2017
1st Year Educator Surveys
Teacher 2020 | 2019
Principal 2020
Counselor 2020
measure 5: graduation rates
Graduation Rates
measure 6: ability of completers to meet licensing and any additional state requirements
Missouri Content Assessments 2017-2020
Performance Assessments
measure 7: ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have prepared
Percentage of Teacher Completers Hired in Missouri Public Schools within One Year 2017-2020
measure 8: student loan default rates and other consumer information
FY17 Student Loan Default Rate FY15
Educator Preparation
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Field Experiences
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