What is family notification? 

Parental Notification takes place when a student is found in violation of the University’s alcohol or other drug policy. Changes in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) permit colleges and universities to inform the parent/guardian of students under the age of 21 when their student has been found in violation of this policy. The parents/guardians will receive a letter informing them that a violation has been committed by their student. 

Why are families notified? 

Southeast Missouri State University has taken many steps to educate our students regarding alcohol and other drug abuse. We recognize parents can be valuable partners in our efforts to create a culture free of alcohol abuse and illegal drug use. To involve parents in this effort, Southeast has decided to notify the parent/guardian of students under 21 years of age found to have committed certain alcohol and other drug violations of the University’s Code of Student Conduct.

What is Southeast’s policy on alcohol and other drug use? 

The following sections of the University’s Code of Student Conduct describe behaviors which are considered violations of the Code as it relates to alcohol and other drug use.  

  • Section 6 

    • Unauthorized possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on University premises or at University functions. (Alcohol is not authorized on campus unless specifically authorized by the President, or designee). 
  • Section 7 

    • Disruptive behavior attributable to the use of alcohol or other controlled substance including, but not limited to, physical violence, aggression, refusal to cooperate with any University staff member performing his or her duties, destruction of property, or violation of any other section of the Code of Student Conduct. 
  • Section 8 

    • Manufacture, sale, delivery, possession, or use, in any amount, of any controlled substance, drug, chemical, product, or material for the purpose of use as an intoxicant, except as permitted by law, or possession of drug paraphernalia. 

When will family notification take place? 

  • The parent or guardian will be notified if an underage student has been found to have a second or subsequent violation of Section 6 of the Code of Student Conduct or a violation of Section 7 and/or Section 8 of the Code. 
  • The Dean of Students or designee reserves the right to contact a parent or guardian if it is indicated that the student poses a danger to him/herself or to the University community. 
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