Every student at Southeast Missouri State University is obligated, at all times, to assume responsibility for his or her actions, to respect constituted authority, to be truthful, and to respect the rights of others as well as respect private and public property.

Students are expected to abide by the University’s Statement of Student Rights and Code of Student Conduct (Code). Alleged violations of the Code are adjudicated in accordance with the established procedures of the judicial system. The following list describes general policies and student rights and delineates some basic information that all students must be aware of at Southeast Missouri State University.

  • Southeast Missouri State University is committed to ensuring that all members of the Southeast community can live in a safe, civil, and inclusive environment.
  • All students are afforded basic rights that include being notified of all charges in writing, to examine all information, to have the option to appeal a decision, and to be notified of the outcome of judicial proceedings.
  • The Code addresses individual and organizational behaviors related to physical violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, hazing, alcohol and illicit drug violations, academic dishonesty, failure to comply with University officials, violation of federal, state and local laws, and other conduct which adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of its objectives. The Code applies to student behavior either on- or off-campus.
  • Incidents involving alleged Code violations by student organizations, including fraternities and sororities, are adjudicated using the same process as alleged student violations. The Code is the guiding document for this process.
  • Every effort will be made to have alleged violations of the University’s Code will be dealt with in a fair and timely manner.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs/paraphernalia are prohibited on campus.
  • Students found "In Violation" of the Code are assessed a judicial fine of $75 for non-alcohol related violations and $125 for FIRST violations of sections involving violations of the alcohol and drug policies. Subsequent violations of these sections related to alcohol and illicit drugs will result in increasing fines and sanctions up to and including Suspension from the University. Please refer to the Code for more detailed information.
  • Students are expected to comply with all sanctions. If students fail to do so, a Dean of Students Office Hold will be placed on their account with the Registrar, which will prohibit future class changes until the matter is resolved. Incomplete sanctions will also result in the filing of additional charges for violation of Section 19 of the Code for failing to comply. Section 19 cases related to incomplete sanctions are resolved through administrative hearings. Escalation of sanctions and/or the issuance of additional sanctions may result as well as additional judicial fines.
  • Students and visitors are not allowed to possess weapons on campus, including firearms, tasers/stun guns, rifles, shotguns, archery equipment (outside of physical education classes), knives of inappropriate blade length (over four inches), etc. Students and visitors found in possession are subject to arrest, prosecution, and/or charges from the Office of Student Conduct even if a valid permit to carry the weapon exists. Also, weapons should not be kept in student, faculty, staff, or visitor vehicles.
  • Students who are found "In Violation" of Section 4 of the Code related to the Sexual Assault Guidelines (formerly called the Sexual Assault Policy Statement) face sanctions up to and including Suspension, Dismissal, or Expulsion from the University. Depending on the severity of the sexual misconduct, the student may receive Probation, Suspension Held in Abeyance, a mental health evaluation and subsequent treatment plan, judicial fines, removal from residence halls, restrictions from entering certain campus areas, parental notification, a no contact order, class schedule changes, etc. Victims in these types of cases (also including cases with domestic/relationship violence) are provided information related to the results of the student conduct hearing from their case and are given the same opportunity to appeal the results.
  • If a student believes he or she has been sexually assaulted (or assaulted through other circumstances) or sexually harassed by another student, that student may file a report with the Department of Public Safety (University Police), the Dean of Students/Office of Student Conduct, Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility, Office of Residence Life staff, Equity Initiatives, etc. The websites and contact information for these offices are located on the homepage for the Office of Student Conduct. There are other outside agencies that offer confidential reporting.
  • For the most up to date information related to marijuana guidelines and procedures on University property, Marijuana guidelines.
  • Southeast is now a completely tobacco free campus. The only exception is special events at the River Campus. It is the responsibility of all University employees to ensure that this policy is followed. Repeated violations should be reported to the Office of Student Conduct (student violations) or Human Resources (staff and/or faculty violations) for appropriate action. Reported violations will be reviewed by the appropriate office and may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct or faculty/staff handbooks.
  • For information related to having fires/open flames in outside areas on campus property, please see the following University Guidelines.
  • For more information, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at (573) 651-2264.
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