EdTech Academy: A Next Generation Teaching and Learning Conference

June 20, 2023


Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences in 21st Century Schools and Classrooms!

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Calling all educators! Join us for EdTech Academy on June 20, 2023! This is a next generation teaching and learning conference for PK-20 educators. Discover ways to implement effective teaching and learning practices in an ever-evolving educational landscape. Gain fresh and innovative ideas, strategies, tools, and resources that engage and empower students, enhance curriculum, improve instruction, and deepen learning. Learn ways to effectively leverage the power of technology to create meaningful, authentic, and relevant learning experiences in 21st century schools and classrooms – experiences that provide students opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Attend sessions, facilitated by passionate educators, related to effective and innovative teaching & learning practices, meaningful technology integration, and active student-centered learning. Network and learn from other educators ways to transform teaching and learning in your classroom, and discover how together we can lead next-gen learning. You don’t want to miss this distinct learning opportunity with inspiring and dynamic educational leaders!


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Call for Proposals

Interested in presenting at EdTech Academy? The Call for Proposals is open through March 10, 2023.

Keynote, Spotlight, and Special Events

We are so excited to welcome Michael Bonner as the Keynote Speaker at EdTech Academy 2023!

Schedule at a Glance

(tentative/subject to change)

Time Event
8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Registration, Dempster Atrium
9 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. Welcome by Dr. Joe Pujol in Glenn Auditorium, Dempster Hall
9:10 a.m. - 10:10 a.m. Opening Keynote by Michael Bonner in Glenn Auditorium, Dempster Hall
10:25 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
11:25 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Lunch, Dempster Atrium (Book-Signing During Lunch)
1:20 p.m. - 2:10 p.m. Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
2:20 p.m. - 3:10 p.m. Breakout Sessions, Dempster Hall
3:20 p.m. Closing by Tom Matukewicz ("Coach Tuke") and Door Prizes in Glenn Auditorium, Dempster Hall

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session Schedule to be posted at a later date. Check back for updates.

Session Description
Creating an Engaging 21st Century Classroom In this session teachers will gather information on the mental/emotional aspects of the education profession and how to combat teacher burnout by using technology in the classroom. Teachers will learn about 5 core applications that will enhance their pedagogy.
Geospatial Technology in Education Come and see how GIS (geographic information systems) can bring to life concepts in the classroom. We will look at how these maps are created, telling a story with the maps (students and teachers), and ways they connect to classroom curriculum (math, science, writing, geography, and history).
Chasing Student Engagement Getting students to engage in a likable lesson or assignment is a great challenge. Sprinkle in higher-order thinking, and there's a real CHALLENGE. The Goosechase app makes for a fun, engaging way to promote higher-order thinking. The mobile app can be used within the classroom, on campus, or even off campus using iPads or smartphones. Join me, as we explore ways to implement Goosechase in the classroom to satisfy learning standards. Your students will say, "Let's do this again!"
Technology Tools to Connect with Families This session will go over tech tools and ideas on how to use them to connect with families in your school.
Minecraft Education 101 This session will give an overview of Minecraft for Education. From how to get started, the different features, and the pre-made lessons that are ready to go for you. Minecraft for Education can be integrated in ELA, Math, SEL, Art and Design, Science, Social Studies, and more!
Utilizing Design Thinking and the 4Cs to Increase Rigor and Engagement Participants will engage in a hands-on design thinking challenge while discovering design thinking and the design thinking process. Creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking (4Cs) are necessary elements for engaging in a problem-based learning experience. This session will include a discussion of real world implementation and content/skill integration.
The design thinking process includes:
-accessing prior knowledge and building background knowledge
-ideation - individual brainstorming, partner/group collaboration and consensus
-planning - diagramming
-analyzing/getting feedback
-improving, if necessary
Using Technology to Differentiate for Students with Disabilities This session will provide educators with tools and ideas for accommodating and differentiating with technology to meet the accessibility needs of students. This session will utilize lesson plans developed from children’s literature. During this session, we will
-Discuss accessibility challenges for students with disabilities
-Show examples of lesson plans that differentiate with technology
-Explain how to leverage technology to accommodate and differentiate to meet student’s accessibility needs.
A Tech Based World + Developing Student Brains = ? Needless statement: students don't learn the same way they did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Average adolescents seem to be connected to technology for the majority of their day and research is showing that this is changing how their brains work. What does that mean for teachers and our classrooms? This session will briefly overview the biggest changes to adolescent brain development, how that impacts our classrooms and teaching, and what we can do to meet our students where their brains are.
What's New in Apple Education Great teachers and powerful technology are a powerful combination. Apple is proud to make products that unleash the potential in every student. Learn about the newest Apple products, tools, and programs for education that will accelerate student success and spark creativity in every learner.
Creativity in Primary Learners with iPad At Apple, we believe creativity is essential to human progress because we know how important creativity is in our world and in people’s lives. But creativity can be hard to define, so in this session we’ll explore recent research findings on creativity in teaching and learning that demonstrate the power of creativity for students. We’ll also discuss how Apple products enable simple and powerful ways to help bring creativity into learning.
Augmented Reality with iPads With augmented reality, you and your students can discover experiences that you didn’t think possible. This session highlights how instructors can easily bring augmented reality apps into existing lessons to enhance student engagement and motivation across subject areas.
Building Literacy Skills for Early Learners with iPad Teaching and learning has shifted in a variety of unimaginable ways, and technology is at the center of the shift - even for our younger learners. We also know teaching students to read is hard, join Apple to look at some ways technology can help.
Canva for Education - It's more than Party Invitations! Canva for Education - Are you looking for beautifully designed templates to save you time that you can immediately implement? If so, then Canva for Education is for you! Canva is no longer just for designing; there are a variety of educational templates already available that will definitely up the engagement level for students! In addition, Canva includes an extensive feature set of tools such as background removers, text animators, bitmoji adders, picture-in-picture video recorders, presentation software and so much more. Canva will quickly become your go-to tool!
Setting Students Up for Self-Efficacy As an educator, it is our job to motivate and engage students. However, what happens when these strategies aren't enough? What happens when students leave the comfort of our classroom? How do we best prepare students for life outside of our classroom? Self-Efficacy. Students have to have the ability to believe in themselves, believe in their abilities and believe in their ability to learn in order to be successful. In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of how to incorporate lessons into their curriculum that help promote self-efficacy. When students learn how to be self-efficacious, they are more successful in their classes and their life after high school. By learning how to identify whether or not a student has a growth or fixed mindset, helping them identify their mindset, and then supplying them with the skillset necessary to have a growth mindset, students will see greater achievement. Addressing self-efficacy in the classroom is beneficial to students and teachers, alike! This session will not only provide attendees with ideas to promote self-efficacy in their classrooms, but it will also provide them with exciting and engaging ideas to spice up their existing lessons!
Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction This session has two parts. Part one is learning how to create and harness the power of online games such as Quizizz, Blooket, and other online quizzes. Part two is using technology such as hyperdocs, slides, and videos to create differentiated lessons to help students learn and review content.
Innovative Instruction: 5 Ideas to Increase Engagement Are you looking for new ideas and strategies to engage students in learning? Join this session for information on five awesome strategies to increase student engagement! We will discuss how we can use a modified flipped classroom, collaborative reflection activities, interactive lecture, conversation stations, and learning menus/choice boards to design an active, engaging learning environment!
The AI Revolution: Responsible Use of AI in the Classroom Participants will be briefly introduced to widely popular AI tech-such as Chat GPT-and how it concerns education. The session will briefly discuss the limitations of AI and how its responsible use can be beneficial for both educators and students. Participants will walk away with multiple ways for teachers and students to constructively use AI for educational purposes. The session will close with round-table discussion on the use of AI in education and how educators can respond to it.
Data Literacy: What Students Need Now More Than Ever Data is the most valuable thing in the world. No matter what field in which students end up working, data will be the lifeblood of how they operate. From working in a warehouse, driving a truck, or farming to engineering, nursing, and, yes, even teaching, knowing how to use and analyze information will enhance the outcome of students' lives long-term. Come help your students to thrive in a world driven by data instead of living in a world where a lack of data literacy skills automatically disqualifies them from hiring or promotions by learning about tools and resources you can use in your school.
Tech Tools to Make Learning Visible Come ready to explore a variety of tech tools that make your content more comprehensible to students. See how these resources can make receptive and productive language come alive in the classroom. These evidence-based practices and tools are great for all students and essential for English learners.
Techy Tools for Helping Students Catch Up, Keep Up, and Get Ahead Ever wondered what tech tools are out there that can maximize learning as we enter the era of Artificial Intelligence? Introducing Microsoft's Learning Accelerator tools for students. Learning Accelerators help educators deliver a more equitable education, provide actionable data to inform instruction, and provide real-time coaching and individualized feedback for students in reading, math, speaking/presenting, and in using search tools. Not a Microsoft school? No problem! Join me to learn how to use your school Google accounts to create free Microsoft 365 Education accounts and get started with me in this session!
Build Your Own Cope-Cake Have you felt the drain of a long school year? Do you need some ingredients to add to your mental health recipe? Working in education has become much more difficult since the pandemic. Teachers and administrators are fleeing education in record numbers, and the teacher shortage is a very serious matter. If this sounds familiar, then this is the session for you! Come join me as we brainstorm healthy habits, practices, and ways to support you in your efforts as a caring educator. We'll build and share our own recipe cards for how we can cope with the pressures of working as teachers or administrators.
5 Engaging Formative Assessment Activities Teachers know the value and importance of effective formative assessment to drive instructional decision-making. This session will focus on 5 fun ways teachers can formatively assess students.
AI in the Classroom: 5 Tools for Teachers Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are everywhere, and the use of AI in the classroom is a hot topic in education today, With all of the new technology available to teachers and students, how can educators leverage this power in the classroom? This session will provide teachers with 5 AI tools that they can use in the classroom, as well as prompts and ideas for making AI work for teachers and students!
Making learning fun at all levels! This presentation will cover how to make the content in the books, worksheets and test come to life in the classroom. We will make learning fun at all levels with PLAY! Who says stations and centers are only for elementary classrooms!? We will discover how these instructional strategies and many more can be used in all areas with all grade levels.
Empowering Math Educators with Technology In this session educators will learn how to effectively use technology in math classrooms. Teachers will also receive updates about the DESMOS calulator designation on the state assessment. Particpants will walk away with strategies and techniques for using Desmos and Mathigon in their math classroom. We will also share information about opportunities to start a FIRST robotics club in elementary and high school settings.
Immediate Instructional Feedback We have heard that immediate feedback is beneficial, however time is always the enemy. In this session we will explore how to harness the power of Google Forms, Sheets and Docs to provide your peers and/or staff immediate feedback from classroom observations.
Exploring the Future of Education Join us for an exploratory session on AI in our classrooms. In this session we will explore current resources focused on AI in education that will generate meaningful discussion with fellow educators on how these powerful tools like ChatGPT could be used within our classes. Come to explore, learn and share about AI!
Pair of Docs, The Inner Game of Life What does your best self look like? If the answer doesn’t come quickly, the pair of Docs can help. We live in tumultuous times. Distress is ubiquitous and serves as a reminder that we can not stay the same and change. During this humorous presentation, laughter is what the pair of docs prescribe. Motivation is often the key to becoming the best version of you. However, where does motivation originate? And where is it when you really need it? “We all live two lives, the second one begins when we realize we have just one.” We are chemical beings. Thoughts create emotions, emotions, release chemicals throughout the body. Happiness is just a thought away.
Sharpening Your Edge: The Importance of Soft Skills for Student Success When schools don't strategically focus on soft skill development, they fail to adequately prepare students for life after graduation. Nearly 3/4 of employers say they cannot find recent graduates with adequate soft skills. Soft skills also predict academic outcomes and graduation. Attend this session to learn about the soft skills we should be teaching and assessing and the impact they have on student wellness and success.
Interactive STEM Devices That You Can Check Out! Are you looking for fun ways to enhance your students’ learning using technology? In this session, you will learn about, discuss, and examine the Sphero SPRK+, DASH, Ozobots, Virtuail-Tee, and Merge Cubes, all of which are available to be checked out from the RPDC.
You will see and learn how these devices will introduce students to interactive augmented reality, 3D learning, and the basics of coding and programming. Many concepts are taught through self-directed play and guided challenges. Come join us for a hands-on opportunity to learn about these STEM tools that support and reinforce learning.