You see opportunity and you seize it. You spot problems and you solve them. You know your future is fueled by action. We’ll meet your curiosity and determination with programs adaptable and so you get the skills and experience you need for Tomorrow’s Careers Today.

As the economy changes and jobs require new and shifting skillsets, Southeast Missouri State University is ready. Ready to answer the challenge of automation, the opportunities of technology, the evolution of business and industry.

  • Our academic programs give you the skills and knowledge for what’s needed in the new economy.
  • You’ll have access to opportunities to gain the experience employers value.
  • Our future-focused majors will give you a competitive edge.

With 100 million new jobs created globally and existing jobs requiring a skills overhaul, we’re working toward tomorrow, so you can launch an extraordinary career today. 

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Tomorrow's Careers Today Programs

  • Just try to find something not dependent upon a computer. That means the world will need more computer scientists to make everything run from electricity to cars. Prepare with a program recognized as a leader in Missouri.

    Explore Computer Science Programs

  • UAS jobs will grow 50% in the next five years and 50% of pilots will retire in the next 20 years. This high demand field offers you specialization, stability, and adventure. Our programs will have you in the air your first semester.

    Explore Aviation Programs

  • The world needs more teachers. We've been preparing them for 150 years, and today, our programs equip you to teach with the technology found in tomorrow's classrooms. You want to inspire a generation. Our programs prepare you with innovation.

    Explore Education Programs

  • Endless job opportunities. Competitive salaries. The chance to change a life or the world. Regardless which field of healthcare you pursue, our programs have the credentials to prepare you from research and data to technology and innovation, from prevention to care.

    Explore Healthcare Programs

  • Foundational knowledge merges with innovation and entrepreneurship so whether you're ready to climb the corporate ladder, build your own business, or ace the CPA exam, our programs give you the tools, the connections, and the resources to get started.

    Explore Business and Management Programs

  • Blending new media with traditional means our programs are preparing you to  market a product for the Fortune 500 or on TikTok. To create the campaign and understand the analytics to optimize it. To tell the stories and the technologies to deliver them across the globe.

    Explore Marketing Programs

  • The world runs on data, and actuarial jobs are projected to grow 24%. Our programs prepare you with the credentials and the personal support to succeed in this challenging, high demand field so you're ready to predict what comes next with a smart investment in your future.

    Explore Actuarial Science Programs

  • The revolution of robots and AI means jobs for programmers, analysts, and engineers are in demand. Our programs prepare you so you're working in multimillion labs, real manufacturing settings, and construction and tech industries just as often as your in class.

    Explore Engineering and Technology Programs

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