During Faculty Senate meetings, bills may be introduced that need to be reviewed and comments submitted, or resolutions must be made available for later reading. The last three years of bills and resolutions are made publicly available and a form made available for bills that are within the 15 day review phase.

Bills for Review

A bill must be passed by the Faculty Senate and approved by the President and/or the Board of Governors before it can be approved and placed in effect. The note in parenthesis indicates where the bill is in the process.

24-A-1 Revising Tenure and Promotion Dossier Procedures - Approved

24-A-2 Removing Summary Form Information from the Promotion and Tenure Section Policy - Approved

24-A-3 Emeritus-Approved

 24-A-4 Revising Academic Distinction In The Department Of The Major Policy - Approved

24-A-5 Revising Academic Distinction In The Department Of The Major Procedures - Approved

24-A-6 Revising Research Funds Procedure - Approved

24-A-7 Revising Research Involving Human Subjects Policy - Approved

24-A-8 Revising Research Involving Human Subjects Procedure - Approved

24-A-9 Revising Conflict Of Interest Policy - Approved

24-A-23 Spring 2024 Emeritus - Approved

24-A-10 Class Syllabus Procedures - Approved

24-A-11 Academic Honesty - Approved

24-A-12 Academic Honesty Procedures - Approved

24-A-13 Chapter 1 Part 1 - Approved

24-A-14 Chapter 1 Part 2 - Approved

24-A-15 Professional Travel Policy - Approved

24-A-16 Professional Travel Procedures - Approved

24-A-18 Removing Student Credit Hour Procedures - Approved

24-A-19 Faculty Development Policy - Approved

24-A-21 Chapter 7 - Approved

24-A-22 FERPA - Approved

24-A-29 Emeritus - Approved

24-A-30 Emeritus - Approved

23-A-6 Grade Appeal Procedures - Approved

23-A-7 Faculty Merit Pay Policy v5 - Approved

23-A-8 Department Chair Policy v5a - Approved

23-A-9 Department Chair Procedures v5a - Approved

24-A-20 Professional Development Program - Approved

24-A-17 Student Credit Hour Section - Approved

24-A-27 Grievance Policy - Approved

24-A-28 Grievance Procedures - Approved

24-A-25 Honors Program - Approved

24-A-26 Academic Fresh Start Policy - Approved

24-A-31 Scientific Misconduct - Approved

224-A-32 Copyrighted Material - Approved

15 Day Review


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