Experiential learning, active learning, learning by doing. At Southeast, we believe your education is enhanced by experiencing what professionals in your discipline know and are expected to do.

Here, you'll have opportunities to start your own business, design and build secure software solutions, create interactive AI games, or manage an actual financial portfolio. You can choose to compete in the highest caliber of competitions, collaborate with faculty and fellow students on a research project, design a marketing communications campaign, or take part in a global think tank.  

Learning Spaces

The Harrison College is filled with professional caliber learning spaces designed to prepare you for the professional business world.

Dempster Hall houses the departments and most courses for the college, providing you with access to current technologies and learning environments. The building is rich with experiential learning labs: presentation labs, sales lab, focus group research lab, multiple computer labs including the cybersecurity instructional lab, supported with a private cloud infrastructure. 

  • 400-seat multimedia auditorium 
  • Multiple computer labs 
  • Executive Conference Rooms 

One way we engage students in technology-rich experiential learning to serve the evolving global business environment is through a series of experiential labs. You can get hands-on experience in our finance and data analytics lab, sales lab, and hospitality management lab. 

The Cyber Range is an interactive, remote-accessible computational platform of virtualized digital resources which can be weaved together to aid and solve experimental, research, educational, and operational challenges of cyber-enabled systems.  

The Cyber Range offers educational content delivery and collaboration, a virtual platform to experiment with complex cyber-enabled systems, and a competition framework for security and computing competitions. The Cyber Range utilizes HP Enterprise multi-socket servers deployed using OpenStack. There are over 850 cores available with a total of 2.2 TB of RAM, and more than 30TB of RAID storage.  

Greene Center

Entrepreneurship at Southeast is much more than a few business students pitching startup ideas - we're harnessing the creative talent of students across campus who experience real innovation and entrepreneurship. Leading the way is the Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, supporting students as they pursue business startups or the next big idea.

Study Abroad

From short term immersion trips to semester long exchange programs, study abroad opportunities abound at Southeast. You have an incredible opportunity to learn abroad in over 70 locations as part of your curriculum. The experience is ever more important in a global business world.

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