Honors Students become a tight knit group. Students play trivia and outdoor games as well as volunteer in the local community. In the Honors House, you’ll study and spend some quality time with other Honors students.

Honors Housing 

LaFerla Hall is home to the honors floor on campus. The hall is equipped with study rooms, lounges, microwaves, and TVs. If you’re a culinary fan, the first-floor lounge with its full kitchen is the place for you. LaFerla also includes free laundry, pool tables, and a multipurpose space. 


Golden Owl Program

Earn points for activities to get your Golden Owls

The Golden Owl Program is a fun competition for Honors students and faculty where you can accumulate points (owls) throughout the semester through various activities. Once reaching certain amounts of points, participants can win prizes and towards the end of the semester there will be a grand prize. 

Once you receive 20 points, you get a large owl with your name put on the fireplace at the Honors House. With every ten points you receive after that, you will receive a smaller owl to go under your big owl.

The top three people with the most owls will be posted on the Honors Facebook page weekly. 

The person with the largest number of owls will receive free textbook rental. 

Attendance at the Honors House 

  • 1 point per hour stayed 
  • Students must sign in and out with our scanner system at the front desk. 
  • If you fail to sign in, you do not receive points. 
  • If you fail to sign out before you leave the house, you also do not receive points. 
  • Faculty must sign an attendance sheet at the front desk with the times you were here to get points. 

Honors Events Attendance 

  • 5 points per event 
  • Students and faculty must sign attendance sheet at the front desk during the event. 

Solving Honors House brain teasers: 

  • We post brainteasers on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) those who answer the riddle correctly on each platform will receive 1 point. 
  • One additional point is awarded to the first person to answer correctly on each platform.  


  • If you participate at a volunteer event that the Honors Council is holding or that you learn about through the Honors Program, you will earn 5 points for the event. 

Student/Faculty Honors Councils 

  • Council members will receive 5 points for their hard work. 
  • However, they will not receive attendance points for being at the Honors House on Council business. 
  • People not on the Council can receive points for helping the Council when needed. 
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