Honors Faculty not only teach honors classes, they also attend honors events and oversees Honor Senior Projects.

How to Become an Honors Faculty Member

  1. A doctorate or the appropriate terminal degree. Any exceptions must be approved by the department chairperson, college dean, and the Faculty Honors Council.
  2. At least two years university-level teaching experience and a demonstrable record of excellence in teaching.
  3. An ongoing record of scholarship and/or professional development.
  4. Recommendations from the appropriate chairperson and dean

  1. A current curriculum vitae.
  2. Student evaluations of teaching for all courses taught during the past two academic years, at least. Please include a list of all courses taught over the two-year period (designated by semester).
  3. Letter of recommendation from your college dean.
  4. Letter of recommendation from your department chairperson.
  5. Provide a brief paragraph addressing how you would be a good asset to the students enrolled in the honors program.
  6. Optional: Personal statement addressing the following questions:
    1. Provide an explanation for any course evaluations not included in your application packet.
    2. Address how you have reached “excellence in teaching”.

Please email honors@semo.edu about your interest in applying to become honors faculty.

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Faculty Email Department
Michael Aide maide@semo.edu Agriculture
Fidel Atuo fatuo@semo.edu Biology
Marcus Bond mbond@semo.edu Chemistry and Physics 
Indi Braden isbraden@semo.edu Agriculture
James Champine jchampine@semo.edu Biology
Philip Crawford pcrawford@semo.edu Chemistry and Physics
John Dudley jdudley@semo.edu Engineering and Technology
Santaneel Ghosh sgosh@semo.edu Engineering and Technology
Timothy Judd tjudd@semo.edu Biology
John Kraemer jkraemer@semo.edu Biology
James McGill jmcgill@semo.edu Chemistry and Physics
Rachel Morgan Theall rmtheall@semo.edu Chemistry and Physics
Peter Oman poman@semo.edu Mathematics
Michael Presho mpresho@semo.edu Mathematics
Tamela Randolph trandolph@semo.edu College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Craig Roberts croberts@semo.edu Mathematics
Andrew Schwartz aschwartz@semo.edu Mathematics
Sarah Shaner sshaner@semo.edu Chemistry and Physics
Dustin Siegel dsiegel@semo.edu Biology
Samantha Siemers slowman@semo.edu Agriculture
Sajan Silwal ssilwal@semo.edu Chemistry and Physics
Michael Taylor mtaylor@semo.edu Biology
Emmanuel Thompson ethompson@semo.edu Mathematics
Haohao Wang hwang@semo.edu Mathematics
Jerry Wojodylo jwojodylo@semo.edu Mathematics

College of Education, Health and Human Studies

Faculty Email Department
Candee Baker cebaker@semo.edu Elementary, Early and Special Education
Jeremy Barnes jbarnes@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Raymond Bohannon rlbohannon@semo.edu Elementary, Early and Special Education
Scott Brandhorst sbrandhorst@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling
William Bratberg wbratberg@semo.edu Leadership, Middle and Secondary Education
Moretta Burk mburk@semo.edu Nursing
Charlotte Cervantes ccervantes@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Linda Culbertson Garner lgarner@semo.edu Nursing
Connie Drury cdrury@semo.edu Nursing
Corrie Dudley cdudley@semo.edu Nursing
Beverly Evans bevans@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Anthony Faber afaber@semo.edu Child and Family Studies
Susan Fulton sfulton@semo.edu Communication Disorders
Sara Garner sgarner@semo.edu Child and Family Studies
Shawn Guiling sguiling@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling
Jeremy Heider jheider@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling
Lisa Job ljob@semo.edu Nursing
Monica Kearney mlkearney@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Sarah Kuborn skuborn@semo.edu Child and Family Studies
Sarah Lillo Kang slillo@semo.edu Leadership, Middle and Secondary Education
Cassandra Loggins cloggins@semo.edu Nursing
Kelly McEnerney kmcenerney@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling
Paige Northern penorthern@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling
Thomas Pujol jpujol@semo.edu College of Education, Health and Human Studies
Chasity Ratliff cratliff@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling
Jayanti Ray jray@semo.edu Communication Disorders
Kyle Schneider kschneider@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Shahrokh Shafaie sshafaie@semo.edu Child and Family Studies
Robin Smith rlsmith@semo.edu Leadership, Middle and Secondary Education
Francis Tayie ftayie@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Misty Tilmon mtilmon@semo.edu Communication Disorders
David Tomchuk dtomchuk@semo.edu Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
Julie Twidwell jetwidwell@semo.edu Nursing
Victor Wilburn vwilburn@semo.edu Child and Family Studies
Nicolas Wilkins nwilkins@semo.edu Psychology and Counseling

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty Email Department
Toni Alexander talexander@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Eric Bain-Selbo ebainselbo@semo.edu College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Christopher Baldwin cbaldwin@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Jennifer Bengston jbengtson@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Christopher Bradley cbradley@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
Dana Branson dbranson@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
James Brubaker jbrubaker@semo.edu English
David Cameron jdcameron@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Eric Clements eclements@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Kalyn Campaore kcompaore@semo.edu Communication Studies and Modern Languages
Sandra Cox scox@semo.edu English
Adam Criblez acriblez@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Daniel Crocker dccrocker@semo.edu English
Jenny Cropp jcropp@semo.edu English
Sarah Dietrich sdietrich@semo.edu English
Bruce Gentry bwgentry@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Laura Hatcher lhatcher@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Steven Hoffman shoffman@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Debra Holzhauer dholzhauer@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
 Susan Kendrick skendrick@semo.edu English
Michelle Kilburn mkilburn@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
Courtney Kisat ckisat@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Slavica Kodish skodish@semo.edu Communication Studies and Modern Languages
Kimberly Louie klouie@semo.edu Communication Studies and Modern Languages
Kevin Musgrave kmusgrave@semo.edu Communication Studies and Modern Languages
James Newman jnewman@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Missy Nieveen-Phegley mphegley@semo.edu English
Tomoaki Nomi tnomi@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Lesli Pace lkpace@semo.edu Communication Studies and Modern Languages
Pennie Pflueger ppflueger@semo.edu English
Monica Radu mradu@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
Debrah Raschke draschke@semo.edu English
Joel Rhodes jrhodes@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Bambi Robinson brobinson@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Lily Santoro-Williams lsantoro@semo.edu History and Anthropology
James Sentell esentell@semo.edu English
Kevin Sexton kpsexton@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Yiqun Shen yshen@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Joseph Snyder jmsnyder@semo.edu History and Anthropology
Andrew Tucker jatucker@semo.edu Communication Studies and Modern Languages
Irina Ustinova iustinova@semo.edu English
Jeremy Walling jwalling@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion

Harrison College of Business and Computing

Faculty Email Department
Suhair Amer samer@semo.edu Computer Science
James Caldwell jcaldwell@semo.edu Management
HJ Cho hjcho@semo.edu Marketing
Christine Cunningham Ladwig cladwig@semo.edu Marketing
Kevin Dickson kdickson@semo.edu Management
Benjamin Dow bdow@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Erin Fluegge erfluegge@semo.edu Management
Kenneth Heischmidt kheischmidt@semo.edu Marketing
Ziping Liu zliu@semo.edu Computer Science
Ismatilla Mardanov imardanov@semo.edu     Marketing
Leisa Marshall llmarshall@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Heather McMillan hmcmillan@semo.edu Management
Lori Mueller lmueller@semo.edu Management
Quantella Noto qnoto@semo.edu Management
Carolyn Rainey crainey@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Willie Redmond wredmond@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Dana Schwieger dschwieger@semo.edu Management
Sandipan Sen ssen@semo.edu Marketing
Scott Thorne sthorne@semo.edu Marketing
Gangaraju Vanteddu gvanteddu@semo.edu Marketing
Asa Wilson abwilson@semo.edu Management
Chen Wu cwu@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
David Yaskewich dyaskewich@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Alisha Youngblood Ortiz aortiz@semo.edu Marketing

Holland College of Arts and Media

Faculty Email Department
Alyssa Alger aalger@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Gabrielle Baffoni gbaffoni@semo.edu Music
Emily Booth ebooth@semo.edu Art & Design
Michelle Brune mbrune@semo.edu Art & Design
Amber Cook amcook@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Philip Edgecombe paedgecombe@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Sara Edgerton sedgerton@semo.edu Music
Robert Fruehwald rfruehwald@semo.edu Music
Joni Hand jhand@semo.edu Art & Design
Benjamin Heu bheu@semo.edu Art & Design
Jenna Moore jlmoore@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Joshua Newth jnewth@semo.edu Art & Design
Pamela Parry pparry@semo.edu Mass Media
Bradley Phillips bphillips@semo.edu Art & Design
Hannah Sanders hsanders@semo.edu Art & Design
Timothy Schmidt tschmidt@semo.edu Music
Kenneth Stilson kstilson@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Paul Thompson pthompson@semo.edu Music
Rhonda Weller-Stilson rstilson@semo.edu Holland College of Arts & Media
Roxanne Wellington rwellington@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Bartholomew Williams bpwilliams@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Christopher Wubbena cwubbena@semo.edu Art & Design