Honors Faculty not only teach honors classes, they also attend honors events and oversees Honor Senior Projects.

Honors Faculty Instrucations

  1. A doctorate, or the appropriate terminal degree.
  2. At least two years of full-time, university-level teaching experience and a demonstrable record of excellence in teaching.
  3. Recommendations from the appropriate chairperson and dean.
  4. Full-time faculty status.

  1. A current vita.
  2. Student evaluations of teaching for all courses taught over the previous two semesters (at least).
  3. Recommendations from the department chair and college dean.

Upload your vita and student evaluations in the Faculty Uploads for Honors Faculty Application section.

Then request recommendations from your department chair and college dean. They will upload their files separately from your materials.

College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Faculty Email Department
Tamela Randolph trandolph@semo.edu College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Haohao Wang hwang@semo.edu Mathematics
Jerzy Wojdylo jwojdylo@semo.edu Mathematics
John Kraemer jkraemer@semo.edu Biology
Timothy Judd tjudd@semo.edu Biology
Andrew Schwartz aschwartz@semo.edu Mathematics
Indi Braden ibraden@semo.edu Agriculture
Samantha Siemers ssiemers@semo.edu Agriculture
Michael Aide maide@semo.edu Agriculture
Marcus Bond mbond@semo.edu Chemistry & Physics
Philip Crawford pcrawford@semo.edu Chemistry & Physics
Daniel Daly ddaly@semo.edu Mathematics
James Champine jchampine@semo.edu Biology
James McGill jmcgill@semo.edu Chemistry & Physics
Craig Roberts croberts@semo.edu Mathematics
Dustin Siegel dsiegel@semo.edu Biology
Ann Schnurbusch aschnurbusch@semo.edu Mathematics
Peter Oman poman@semo.edu Mathematics
Emmanuel Thompson ethompson@semo.edu Mathematics
Michael Taylor mtaylor@semo.edu Biology
Sarah Shaner sshaner@semo.edu Chemistry & Physics
Michael Presho mpresho@semo.edu Engineering & Technology
Sajan Silwal ssilwal@semo.edu Chemistry & Physics
Santaneel Ghosh sghosh@semo.edu Engineering & Technology
Rachel Morgan Theall rmtheall@semo.edu Chemistry & Physics

College of Education, Health & Human Studies

Faculty Email Department
Thomas Pujol jpujol@semo.edu College of Education, Health & Human Studies
William Bratberg wbratberg@semo.edu Leadership, Middle & Secondary Education
Jayanti Ray jray@semo.edu Communication Disorders
Scott Brandhorst sbrandhorst@semo.edu Psychology & Counselong
Victor Wilburn vwilburn@semo.edu Child & Family Studies
Sharon Dees sdees@semo.edu Elementary, Early and Special Education
Monica Kearney mkearney@semo.edu Kinesiology, Nutrition, Recreation
Shahrokh Shafaie sshafaie@semo.edu Child & Family Studies
Jeremy Barnes jbarnes@semo.edu Kinesiology, Nutrition, Recreation
Linda Heitman lheitman@semo.edu Nursing
Shawn Guiling sguiling@semo.edu Psychology & Counseling
Raymond Bohannon rbohannon@semo.edu Elementary, Early and Special Education
Julie Twidwell jtwidwell@semo.edu Nursing
Sara Garner sgarner@semo.edu Child & Family Studies
Corrie Dudley cdudley@semo.edu Nursing
Candee Baker cbaker@semo.edu Elementary, Early and Special Education
Beverly Evans bevans@semo.edu Kinesiology, Nutrition, Recreation
Jeremy Heider jheider@semo.edu Psychology & Counseling
Nicolas Wilkins nwilkins@semo.edu Psychology & Counseling
Susan Davis sdavis@semo.edu Elementary, Early and Special Education
Moretta Burk mburk@semo.edu Nursing
Francis Tayie ftayie@semo.edu Kinesiology, Nutrition, Recreation
Robin Smith rsmith@semo.edu Leadership, Middle & Secondary Education
Cassandra Loggins cloggins@semo.edu Nursing
Lesly Krome lkrome@semo.edu Psychology & Counseling
Anthony Faber afaber@semo.edu Child & Family Studies
Susan Fulton sfulton@semo.edu Communication Disorders
Sarah Lillo slillo@semo.edu Leadership, Middle & Secondary Education
Linda Culbertson Garner lculbertsongarner@semo.edu Nursing
Misty Tilmon mtilmon@semo.edu Communication Disorders

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty Email Department
Debra Holzhauer dholzhauer@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Debrah Raschke draschke@semo.edu English
Joel Rhodes jrhodes@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Tomoaki Nomi tnomi@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
David Cameron jdcameron@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Jeremy Walling jwalling@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Pennie Pflueger ppflueger@semo.edu English
Eric Clements eclements@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Trishena Nieveen-Phegley mphegley@semo.edu English
Kevin Sexton ksexton@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Bambi Robinson brobinson@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Steven Hoffman shoffman@semo.edu History & Anthropology
H Hamner Hill hhill@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Michelle Kilburn mkilburn@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
Daniel Crocker dcrocker@semo.edu English
Lily Santoro-Williams lsantoro@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Kimberly Louie klouie@semo.edu Communication Studies & Modern Languages
Jennifer Bengston jbengtson@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Slavica Kodish skodish@semo.edu Communication Studies & Modern Languages
James Sentell jsentell@semo.edu English
James Newman jnewman@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Courtney Kisat ckisat@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Toni Alexander talexander@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Laura Hatcher lhatcher@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
James Brubaker jbrubaker@semo.edu English
Dena Susan Kendrick denaskendrick@semo.edu English
Christopher Baldwin cbaldwin@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Sandra Cox scox@semo.edu English
Irina Ustinova iustinova@semo.edu English
Monica Radu mradu@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
Dana Branson dbranson@semo.edu Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology
Jenny Cropp-MacKenzie jcropp@semo.edu English
Sarah Dietrich sdietrich@semo.edu English
Yiqun Shen yshen@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Joseph Snyder jsnyder@semo.edu History & Anthropology
Kevin Musgrave kmusgrave@semo.edu Communication Studies & Modern Languages
Bruce Gentry bgentry@semo.edu Political Science, Philosophy, Religion
Christopher Rieger crieger@semo.edu English

Harrison College of Business and Computing

Faculty Email Department
Ziping Liu zliu@semo.edu Computer Science
Quantella Noto qnoto@semo.edu Management
Willie Redmond wredmond@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Benjamin Dow bdow@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Suhair Amer samer@semo.edu Computer Science
Kevin Dickson kdickson@semo.edu Management
James Caldwell jcaldwell@semo.edu Management
Gangaraju Vanteddu gvanteddu@semo.edu Marketing
Alisha Youngblood Ortiz ayoungbloodortiz@semo.edu Marketing
Kenneth Heischmidt kheischmidt@semo.edu Marketing
Dana Schwieger dschwieger@semo.edu Marketing
Lori Mueller lmueller@semo.edu Management
Erin Fluegge efluegge@semo.edu Management
Leisa Marshall lmarshall@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Scott Thorne sthorne@semo.edu Marketing
Williams Weber wweber@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
David Yaskewich dyaskewich@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance
Hyeon Cho hcho@semo.edu Marketing
Christine Cunningham Ladwig ccunninghamladwig@semo.edu Marketing
Charles McAllister cmcallister@semo.edu Computer Science
Heather McMillan hmcmillan@semo.edu Management
Sandipan Sen ssen@semo.edu Marketing
Carolyn Rainey crainey@semo.edu Accounting, Economics, Finance

Holland College of Arts & Media

Faculty Email Department
Rhonda Weller-Stilson rstilson@semo.edu Holland College of Arts & Media
Paul Thompson pthompson@semo.edu Music
Emily Booth ebooth@semo.edu Art & Design
Timothy Schmidt tschmidt@semo.edu Music
Michelle Brune mbrune@semo.edu Art & Design
Robert Fruehwald rfruehwald@semo.edu Music
Kenneth Stilson kstilson@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Sara Edgerton sedgerton@semo.edu Music
James Dufek jdufek@semo.edu Mass Media
Karie Hollerbach khollerbach@semo.edu Mass Media
Benjamin Heu bheu@semo.edu Art & Design
Hilary Peterson hpeterson@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Joni Hand jhand@semo.edu Art & Design
Bartholomew Williams bwilliams@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Hannah Sanders hsanders@semo.edu Art & Design
Alyssa Alger aalger@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Amber Cook acook@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Pamela Parry pparry@semo.edu Mass Media
Philip Edgecombe pedgecombe@semo.edu Theatre and Dance
Christopher Wubbena cwubbena@semo.edu Art & Design
Joshua Newth jnewth@semo.edu Art & Design
Bradley Phillips bphillips@semo.edu Art & Design