Southeast has partnered with General Education Mobile (GEM) to provide online courses to Airmen and Guardians to complete their CCAF Associate Degree general education courses.

We are proud to offer resident tuition for non-resident military students!

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Are you ready to take the next steps to achieve your Associate Degree by completing online general education courses?

Each of our GEM-approved courses are offered fully online, so students can pursue their education worldwide. Southeast Online advisors work with students to identify the courses that work best for their schedules and their academic programs.

Course (semester Hours)
DA100 - Dance Appreciation (3)
EC215 - Principles of Microeconomics (3)
EC225 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
EH103 - Modern European Civilization (3)
EL274 - Diversity in American Schools (3)
EN100 - English Composition (3)
EN140 - Rhetoric and Critical Thinking (3)
LI220 - Fiction and The Human Experience (3)
LI243 - Children's Literature (3)
LI256 - The Variety of Literature (3)
MA115 - Precalculus A with Integrated Review (5)
MA116 - Precalculus A (3)
MA123 - Math Reasoning and Modeling (3)
MA023 - Math Reasoning and Modeling Lab (1)
MA155 - Statistical Reasoning (3)
MU182 - Music: An Artistic Expression (3)
MU190 - Jazz Appreciation (3)
PS103 - U.S. Political Systems (3)
PS104 - Comparative Political Systems (3)
PY101 - Introduction to Psychology (3)
PY222 - Development of the Adolescent (3)
RS101 - World Religions (3)
SC107 - Online Oral Presentations (3)
SN100 - Spanish Language and Culture I (3)
US107 - American History II (3)
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