Can I get financial aid for summer courses?

For summer financial aid, students must have the appropriate FAFSA on file and be enrolled in summer courses. Summer is a continuation of the current academic year. If the full award (grants & loans) for both fall and spring was accepted, summer eligibility may not exist. To be eligible for summer loans, 6+ hours of enrollment is required.

Students enrolled in at least six summer hours will automatically be evaluated to determine remaining aid eligibility, beginning mid-April, and will receive an email informing them of their eligibility.

Students who have used their annual Pell grant award during fall and spring may be eligible for additional summer Pell.

Students enrolled in less than six summer hours are not eligible for loans and would only be eligible for a Pell grant if they did not receive a full-time grant in both fall and spring. If grant eligibility exists, students will be notified by email, beginning in mid-April.

NOTE: Summer aid eligibility will be re-evaluated if any changes are made to a summer schedule. This re-evaluation may result in the reduction or elimination of aid eligibility and may take up to two weeks. You will receive email notification of any changes.

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