International Student Insurance Requirements

Southeast requires all international students on F1 or J1 visas to carry adequate health insurance. Healthcare costs in the United States can be substantial, so our insurance is designed to protect students financially from any health or medical issues that might prevent them from pursuing their educational goals in the U.S.

SEMO is contracted with Lewermark to provide our international student insurance plan. Detailed information about the insurance plan can be found on Lewermark’s SEMO insurance page.

Insurance Coverage Periods

Students enroll in coverage for the following periods: 

  • Fall semester: August 15 – January 14 
  • Spring/Summer semesters: January 15 – August 15 

Notes on the insurance coverage periods:

  • Students who arrive in the middle of a term or at the beginning of summer enroll for the current term at a prorated amount.
  • Students who graduate in the Spring semester must initially pay for their entire Spring coverage period (January 15 – August 14) but will be allowed to cancel their coverage and receive a refund for the last three months of the coverage period (May 15 – August 14). IES will send an email in April to all international students with permission to graduate from the Registrar’s office with information on how to unenroll and request a refund.      

Insurance Waivers

As a reminder, Southeast requires all F1 and J1 students to have insurance. Only the following groups are eligible to be waived from the University’s plan:

  • Students on an approved, fully-funded governmental scholarship (e.g., SACM, Kuwait)
  • Short-term visiting or exchange student from a partner university
  • Participant in the UGRAD, TJSP, YEAR, or other State Department-funded program
  • Student on the Japan America Academic Council (JAAC) program

If you are a student eligible to be waived from the insurance requirement, please complete the Insurance Waiver Request form

Insurance Purchase and Enrollment Details

  • SEMO students required to enroll in the University’s insurance plan must purchase their coverage before they are allowed to register for courses.
  • Students will go to the Lewermark website to purchase their coverage. A bank or credit card must be used.
  •  Step-by-step instructions for purchasing insurance can be found in the "Payment Portal Guide."
  • IMPORTANT: When purchasing your insurance, it is possible you will see two options when choosing your school. One will read “Southeast Missouri State University” and the other will read “Southeast Missouri State University OPT.” Unless you are currently on OPT, DO NOT choose the “Southeast Missouri State University OPT” option. 
  • Once a student’s insurance purchase is verified by SEMO, the enrollment hold will be released. 

OPT Students

SEMO’s insurance requirement ends once a student graduates. However, students on OPT status are eligible to continue their coverage as long as they are in active SEVIS status and have been continually enrolled in the SEMO insurance plan. Once a graduate declines or unenrolls from the insurance plan, they are not able to re-enroll at a later date. 

OPT students who wish to continue their coverage will enroll in and pay for the plan directly in the LewerMark portal.


  • Recent graduates will be informed about the opportunity to maintain coverage in the SEMO plan.
  • When purchasing insurance while on OPT, it is important to choose the “Southeast Missouri State University OPT” option. 
  • Coverage periods for OPT are different than the periods for current students.  OPT coverage periods are:
    • January 15 – May 14
    • May 15 – August 14
    • August 15 – January 15
  • It is the OPT student’s responsibility to remember the coverage period they are enrolled in, and it is their responsibility to work with Lewermark to maintain coverage. SEMO will not send OPT students reminders about re-enrolling in coverage.
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