Professional Pilot costs listed are an average cost though the actual amount will vary due to individual circumstance. This amount is in addition to room, board, tuition, and other costs associated with earning a bachelor’s degree.

Although the investment is great, keep in mind that theprojected employment growth for airline and commercial pilots istrending higher than all other occupations. According to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2021 median annual pay for airlineand commercial pilots was $130k+. In addition, Southeast has a generous scholarship program. Visit our scholarship page for more information.  

Keeping Costs Low 

To help keep the overall cost of training to a minimum, US Aviation recommends the following best student practices:  

  • Be on time (early) and fully prepared for the lesson 
  • Study every single day and always do your homework 
  • Chair fly to practice all callouts, flows, checklists and procedures 
  • Utilize Solo Slim 
  • Train at least three times per week and fly extra when you can 
  • If you miss a day, make it up as soon as possible 
  • Make as much progress as you can when the weather is good 
  • Practice teaching out loud for the CFI and CFII course 
  • Keep yourself healthy and rested 
  • Make your training your priority 

2022-2023 Estimated Direct Costs

Missouri Resident  Non-Missouri Resident
Tuition* $7,761 $14,331
General Fees* $1,254 $1,254
Textbook Rental ($35 per course + tax)** $365 $365
Average Room Rate $6,900 $6,900
Meal Plan (Block 130) $3,100 $3,100
Estimated 2021-2022 Total Cost $19,380 $25,950

*Assumes 30 credit hours per year
**Additional instruction material may be required

PROFESSIONAL PILOT Average Flight Training Costs

Private Pilot Course

Course Subject Hours Cost
Single Engine C172 50 $7,500
Flight Instruction 45 $3,150
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 30 $2,100
Total $12,750

CFI Course (C172)

Course Subject Hours Cost
Flight Time 27 $4,050
Instruction 27 $1,890
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 25 $1,750
Total $7,690

Instrument Rating Course

Course SUbject Hours Cost
Single Engine C172 30 $4,500
Solo PC Simulator 10 $0
Redbird Simulator 14 $1,050
Flight Instruction 44 $3,080
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 20 $1,400
Total $10,030

CFII Course (C172)

Course Subject Hours Cost
Flight Time 15 $2,250
Instruction 17 $1,190
Simulator 2 $150
Pre/Post Flight Instructor 11 $770
Total $4,360

Commercial Pilot Courses (Single Engine Initial + Multi Add-On)

Course Subject Hours Cost
Single Engine - C172 99 $14,850
Flight Instruction 63 $4,410
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 18 $1,260
Sim 24 $1,800
Total $22,320

Single Engine Initial + Multi Add-On

Course Subject Hours Cost
Multi Engine - PA34 17 $5,525
Flight Instruction 17 $1,190
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 17 $1,190
Total $7,905

Turbine Training Sim

Course Subject Hours Cost
Advanced Sim 15 $3,750
Instruction 15
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 5
Total $3,750


Some flight instruction course materials are available at no additional charge through the FAA.

MEI Course (PA34) Optional

Course Subject Hours Cost
Flight Time 27 $8,775
Instruction 27 $1,890
Pre/Post Flight Instruction 15 $1,050
Total $11,715

Other Estimated Expenses

Expense Cost
Written Exam Fees (PVT-CFII) $990
Headset $200
iPad (Recommended) $600
Total $1,790

The flight training cost reflect the average time required for training. Actual cost for total training will be very individualized based on the time each student spends with their instructor and time practicing to be proficient in the aircraft and/or simulator. Fuel surcharges may apply. Your training can cost less or more than the average listed here.

A complete list of fees can be found on Student Financial Services' fee page. Fees are subject to change by the Board of Governors. These fees represent 2022-2023 fees as of May 2022. The tuituion and fees displayed above reflect costs for Cape Girardeau campus courses. Different fees apply to off-campus and online courses.

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