Are you called to serve and protect?

The Law Enforcement Academy is dedicated to offering the best training available. In addition to the 600 hours mandated by Missouri P.O.S.T. the academy also offers the following training as part of every basic training academy: 

  • DMT Intox Type III Certification 
  • Patrol Rifle 
  • TASER 
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention / Reporting
  • The Law Enforcement Hiring Process 

We also offer extended training hours, above and beyond P.O.S.T. requirements, in core curricula areas such as: 

  • Traffic Radar 
  • Defensive Tactics 

Missouri P.O.S.T. Curricula  

Administrative Procedures

Code Subject Area
101 Orientation/Rules and Regulations
102 Basic Study Skills and Note Taking  

Legal Studies

Constitutional Law

Code Subject Area
201 Introduction to Legal Blocks
202 The Criminal Process  
203 Rules of Evidence
204 Admissions/Confessions/Miranda
205 Contact/Detention/Arrest
206 Prisoner Rights and Privileges
207 Searches, Seizures and the Search Warrant
208 Non-Fourth Amendment Seizures
209 Stop and Frisk
210 Search Incident to Arrest
211 Searches and Seizures Without a Warrant
212 Peace Officer Liability

Missouri Statutory Law

Code Subject Area
301 Criminal Code Overview
302 General Provisions
303 Justification-Use of Force
304 Criminal Statutes
305 Civil Process

Traffic Law

Code Subject Area
401 Uniform Citation
402 Registration, Licensing and Insurance
403 Traffic and Vehicle Equipment Regulations

Interpersonal Perspectives

  • 500 - Ethics and Professionalism

Domestic Violence

Code Subject Area
601 Domestic Violence Response
602 Child Abuse and Neglect

Human Behavior

Code Subject Area
701 Tactical Communication
702 Communications Obstacles
703 Cultural Diversity
704 Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
705 Dealing with Death

Technical Studies

Patrol and Jail Management

Code Subject Area
801 Introduction to Patrol
802 Crime Prevention
803 Radio Communication Procedures
804 Processing and Documentations Procedures
805 Field Interviews
806 Basic Security Procedures
807 Search of Persons/Vehicles
808 Vehicle Stops
809 Emergency Response/Building Searches
810 Gangs, Transients and Organized Crime
811 Civil Disturbance Response
812 Survival Mentality
813 Hazardous Material

Homeland Security

Code Subject Area
901 Terrorism/WMD Awareness
902 ICS 100.leb - Introduction to ICS for the LEO
903 ICS 700.a - NIMS

Traffic Accident & Law Enforcement

Code Subject Area
1001 STARS/Accident Report Writing & Diagramming
1002 Accident Investigation
1003 Introduction to Traffic Radar
1004 DWI Investigation and Reporting (SFST)
1005 Traffic Control and Direction

Criminal Investigation

Code Subject Area
1101 Interrogation Process
1102 Informant Use
1103 Case and Trial Preparation
1104 Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) 1105-1120
1105 Introduction to Basic Investigation
1106 Crime Scene Processing and Documentation
1107 Fingerprint Evidence
1108 Property Crime Investigation
1109 Theft Investigation
1110 Burglary Investigation
1111 Assault Investigation
1112 Robbery Investigation
1113 Death Investigation
1114 Intro to Drug Identification and Investigation
1115 Sexual Investigation
1116 Bad Check Investigation
1117 Auto Theft Investigation
1118 Criminal Intelligence
1119 Arson and Explosives Investigation
1120 Jurisdiction Specific Investigation

Report Writing

Code Subject Area
1201 Introduction to Report Writing
1202 Interviewing Skills
1203 Report Writing Exercises
1204 Criminal History Reporting
  • 1300 - Juvenile Justice and Procedures
  • 1400 - First Responder

Skills Development

Defensive Tactics

Code Subject Area
1501 Concepts of Defensive Tactics/Use of Force
1502 Handcuffing and Restraint Devices
1503 Control Techniques
1504 Active Defense Measures
1505 Intermediate Weapons
1506 Weapons Retention and Disarming
1507 Ground Fighting Techniques
1508 Mechanics of Arrest and Control
1509 Use of Force Scenarios


Code Subject Area
1601 Fundamentals of Marksmanship
1602 Shooting Stance/Loading/Dry Fire
1603 Skill Development - Handgun
1604 Handgun Qualification
1605 Shotgun Introduction
1606 Skill Development - Shotgun
1607 Shotgun Qualification
1608 Stress Combat Course
1609 Night Fire – Handgun/Shotgun
1610 Shooting Decisions

Physical Training and Wellbeing

Code Subject Area
1701 Physical Training
1702 Stress Management
1703 Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Driver Training

Code Subject Area
1801 Emergency Maneuver Techniques
1802 Skill Development Day/Night
1803 Fundamentals of Law Enforcement Driving

Practical Applications

Subject Area
Stress Combat Practical
Vehicle Stop Practical
Traffic Radar Practical

Course Calendar

See what courses are currently being offered at the SEMO Law Enforcement Academy.

Law Enforcement Academy Costs 

The Law Enforcement Academy offers a full-time, 700+ hour, weekday class. We no longer offer a part-time weekend class. 

Classes begin twice per year in January and August and meet for 18 weeks. Both meet Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Classes are held at our Cape Girardeau campus. 

The cost for the academy is tied directly to the current tution rate.  Students will pay for 18 credit hours plus a $1,500 program fee that covers the costs of uniforms, books, testing, equipment use/repair and ammunition.  The current tuition rate for in-state and out of state students can be found here Cost and Fees.


Are you called to serve and protect?

There's a lot more to law enforcement that just enforcing the law. You'll touch the lives of people in the community. You'll get to mentor people. And, you'll help people in some of the most trying times of their lives. Ready to get started?

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