Get to Know SEMO … Virtually 

We believe nothing can compare to an in-person visit of Southeast Missouri State University, but this page gives it a pretty good try! We hope you enjoy exploring the videos, photos, and hearing from our Redhawk community as you learn more about SEMO. It’s your college journey, and we’re committed to helping you get your questions answered and information gathered whether you visit us in person or virtually!

Personal Virtual Tour

Take a mini tour of Southeast with the video below from the safety of your home and without having to worry about it raining on your visit! Then head over and fill out the form next door and tell us what else you want to see. We’ll send you a personalized video tour of the places on campus you are most interested in. That simple!

Virtual Opportunities to Connect

It doesn’t matter to us if you want to take a campus tour, visit virtually, or just immediately fill out the application, we’re here when you need us for what you need us. Our team of admissions professionals is here for you, but not in a super annoying, high-pressure way. Totally in a you tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to help way. Don’t hesitate to click below and talk with one of us. It’s the best part of our days. So click to talk with a counselor or schedule one of our daily virtual visits with a counselor and let’s chat about all things Southeast and you!

Streaming to Your Devices

On Demand SEMO Videos

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Cape Girardeau

Even Architectural Digest thinks our hometown is pretty spectacular. Named Missouri’s prettiest city, Cape Girardeau is home to delectable restaurants, one-of-a-kind boutiques, parks, trails, and the largest River in North America.

Ready to See For Real

Maybe you’ve seen enough to know you need to visit in person. We have tours, events, and personal visits all designed so you see the places you want and get all your questions answered. We’re excited to show you why Southeast is such a smart investment and committed to doing so in an environment that makes your family feel as comfortable as possible.

Campus Map

If you’re planning to navigate campus on your own or you’re just looking for more photographs and to get familiar with the campus, our interactive campus map lets you take a virtual tour of your choosing.

Have Questions or Need Assistance

Applying to college can be a big process. It’s completely understandable if you have questions or if you’d just like a little help. We love answering questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to an admission counselor or visit with us on our daily virtual talks. We kind of live for this stuff, so you’re sure to make our day!

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