Faculty Advisors can use this page to find resources associated with advising students.

Advising Syllabus

For faculty advisors, this syllabus is a guide for responsibilities, expectations, and other important information needed as a resource.

Alternate PIN 

Faculty can find student advisee PINS within SupportNET or the Faculty Advisor Resources Toolkit in mySEMO:

  • SupportNET Student Profile > Notes. 
  • Faculty Advisor Resources Toolkit > Advisee List > Select Term.

Please note, that PINs should be provided to students following a meeting, where the student and faculty advisor reviewed the student's progress toward degree completion and discussed appropriate next semester courses. Providing a PIN without a review/discussion may hurt a student's academic progress and career at Southeast.

Developmental Courses - English/Math

Students are typically enrolled in initial developmental English and/or math courses based on their ACT and/or University Placement test scores. To ensure a student is enrolled in the appropriate section(s), a faculty advisor will want to utilize the following process:

  • First, view the student's degree audit within Degree Works. The developmental courses the student is currently enrolled in will be displayed in the Developmental Courses box.
  • Second, cross-check a student's test scores with the appropriate courses assigned to certain scores. A conversion chart is provided below. A student's test scores may be accessed within the Faculty Advisor Resources Toolkit by the following means:
    • Faculty Advisor Resources Toolkit > Advisee List > Enter the appropriate term >  Select the appropriate "View" link (to the right of the student's name)

Please note, ensuring a student is enrolled in appropriate developmental courses is vital to their academic progress and career at Southeast.

Enrollment Instructions – Students

Students enroll in courses for the following semester through mySEMO in the Advising Toolkit. Use the course enrollment instruction form as an informational sheet that provides step-by-step instructions for students on how to enroll in courses following their meeting with their academic or faculty advisor.

Priority Enrollment Dates – Students

Priority Enrollment Dates for students to register for courses are set by the Registrar's Office and are determined by the total number of completed hours by a student and their last name.

Undergraduate Bulletin

The Southeast Undergraduate Bulletin is the official undergraduate academic catalog for Southeast. Annual versions are available online. All academic information related to the undergraduate experience at Southeast may be found within this catalog.

Please note, faculty advisors will need to be knowledgeable on the University suspension/probation policies, found in the University Bulletin, to appropriately advise students on course enrollment.

Availability and willingness to help are two things that make SEMO faculty great. As an incoming student, I was a bit unsure whether or not a science degree was the right fit for me; however, after meeting and building mentor/mentee relationships with a number of the faculty in the Chemistry department, I quickly realized I had made a good choice and found my fit.

Sydney Bedillion, Senior, Biochemistry, ACS Certified Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry


Southeast SupportNET is a student success platform that incorporates academic support and student self-service capabilities into a single portal, powered by Hobsons Starfish. Features include early alerts, appointment scheduling, and progress surveys.

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