These guidelines apply to all Southeast Missouri State University-affiliated social media accounts. A Southeast branded account includes any account administered by University employees using the Southeast Missouri State name, logos, or account that represents a college division, department, or program. Southeast branded accounts represent the University and should maintain professionalism and adhere to brand standards.

A Southeast branded account must:

  • Comply with University policies, guidelines, and regulations.
  • Be vigilant and aware of  HIPAA and  FERPA privacy requirements.   
  • Follow platform guidelines for community standards on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch.  


Request social media training by filling out the, Request A Review form on our Planning Worksheets page and send the form to Digital Marketing Strategist Camryn Whitmore at If you do not currently run a University-affiliated account please email to schedule a training appointment before creating an account.

Social media training consists of two levels. All training participants will begin at Level I and move to Level II at a later date.  

  • Level I training  
    • Why does social media matter?  
    • Should you have an account?  
    • Branding  
    • Best Practices  
    • Resources
  • Level II training  
    • Platform centered content  
    • User-generated content  
    • Analytics  
    • Tips from the experts  
    • Resources  

Posting Personal Comments 

  • Clearly identify personal comments and disclaim that they do not represent the views of Southeast Missouri State University.
  • Refrain from harassing, abusive, threatening, or harmful language.
  • Be mindful of legal liabilities and intellectual property rights. 
  • Notify students of privacy settings and options when using social media for educational purposes.
  • Do not use Southeast's name to endorse products, causes, or political parties. 
  • Protect personal information and participate responsibly in online communities. 

Crisis Communication on Social Media

When crises occur, many times our students and their parents look to our social media pages for communication from the University. The process of communication followed at Southeast during a time of crisis begins with the University administration. Once they designate a message Marketing and Communications and Department of Public Safety staff will share it through email, text, and through the SEAlerts pages on social media. 

Sign up to receive SEAlerts here 

After the information is sent out, University social media accounts will share and post the messages on Facebook, X, and Instagram.  


Please refer to the Brand section of our websiteYour content should fall in line with all other University communications. 

  • Adhere to the Southeast Brand guidelines for color, typography, and graphic language.
  • Clearly identify the program or department represented in account names and avatars.
  • Ensure content aligns with Southeast's brand tone and key messages. 

Platform-Specific Content 

When you step into the world of social media, the possibilities seem endless and maybe a little daunting. But when you break your content up based on the platform it will be used on, what to create and what to say becomes clearer. 

  • Tailor content to specific social media platforms and include links to relevant information.
  • Use a welcoming and engaging tone while maintaining brief.
  • Make sure you include alt text and closed captioning. 

Running University-Affiliated Accounts 

  • Manage social media accounts responsibly, responding to inquiries and moderating discussions.
  • Do not express personal opinions on your University accounts or use University branding without authorization.
  • Secure social media account passwords and comply with account safety measures.
  • Use authorized logos provided by Marketing and Communications.
  • Obtain consent before referencing colleagues or co-workers.
  • Maintain active social media account(s).

Anyone who manages a Southeast-related social media account can fill out this form to register your social media account to be added to our Southeast Social Media Account Directory.

Changing Account Administrators 

When it's time to hand a social media account to the next administrator don't let the account information get lost along the way. First, remember to designate a new administrator before you are finished with the account. Next, let the Marketing and Communications social media team know that a new administrator will be taking over. Then, Make sure you are no longer tied to the account as an administrator. Lastly, log out of the account on all devices.

Contact the Social Team

Please contact Digital Marketing Strategist Camryn Whitmore or Assistant Director of Digital Marketing Jasmine Adams, with social media questions, or Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications Tonya Wells, with any further marketing questions.  

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