Today’s marketing is not the same as, well, yesterday. Marketing strategy, tactics, and platforms change constantly. You need a team who isn’t just keeping up with these changes but is pretty passionate about following the trends and knowing the latest methods to meet our goals. What areas of expertise are we obsessing over?

It’s not just about needing a flyer or brochure anymore. Today’s audiences need an omnichannel approach. And, first, you have to know the goal you are trying to reach. So we need to start with data and strategy. Our director of creative marketing strategy works collaboratively with campus partners and their creative team to finding effective, measurable strategies to meet project expectations. 

It’s not about us; it’s about them. No one wants to hear someone drone on about themselves. Audiences feel the same way about brands. Tell them how you can benefit them. It’s why we focus on stories. And, it isn’t just about words. It’s about the right words at the right time. 

Email is such a powerful communications tool. And like all communications, your audience has certain expectations. Call it e-etiquette or best practices, but if you want your message opened and acted upon rather than deleted or overlooked, our team can help with the tools and insights to get the engagement. 

It’s probably the first thing we think of when we think marketing, but the creative is actually later in the process once you’ve determined the strategy. Our designers are truly masters of art and science: equal parts artists and analysts, they can create meaningful brand assets across platforms to deliver results. 

Our digital content producers are the quiet type. That’s probably because they’re so focused on getting every ounce of emotion in every photo and video created. They are master storytellers of a digital mode to ensure we connect with our audiences. Every time. 

If you think social media is just something you do on the fly, you aren’t truly taking advantage of the medium’s powerhouse. With multiple platforms and tactics within those platforms, plus adequate time for strategizing, we can deliver the daily brand stories  worldwide.  

Websites are no longer a way for organizations to push out information about themselves. It’s a way for people to find the information they want. And, they want it easy to find, navigate, understand, and personalized to them. Your website has to be tailored to those expectations plus compliant, accessible, and unique. In short, it’s a whole new digital world with new rules.  

If you have a story the world, or campus, needs to hear, our proverbial pens are waiting. We align University strategic communications, so people know the differences we’re making.

Of course, once the media wants to know more and calls, our work isn’t done. We’ll help you prep for the interview, work with media partners to get them necessary assets, and find the SEMO experts who can talk about both their lifetime educational pursuit as well as their area in context of the world’s latest events.

Brand Strategy

The Will to Do isn't just spin or buzz. It's not a tagline or a slogan. It's a promise to act. It's a resolve to advance. It's the foundation of our brand. And just like the knowledge we relentlessly pursue at Southeast Missouri State University, it's what you do with our brand that makes it powerful. Your Marketing & Communications team offers the guidance, resources, and support, so the brand works for you. In short, that’s what we do.

Marketing Support

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If you need a minor web edit, just complete at ticket on the WebQ. If you have another marketing need, let’s visit about how best to tackle your project. Start the process by completing the marketing agreement below.

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