If marketing is about achieving goals, then random of acts of marketing are not a solution. Good marketing starts with strategy.

You don’t have to have all the answers when you come to Marketing and Communications with a potential project. We love to hear what’s going on in your world and the institutional goals you have and then craft a strategy and the tactics to deliver.  

A few things you should know about working with us: 

  • We don’t charge for our services (good news!)  
  • But that means there are more projects than time, so we have to prioritize. This means we put projects into our production schedule that most closely align with the strategic marketing priorities of the University, broadly speaking enrollment, retention, and fundraising.   
  • If we cannot assist with your project, we can connect you with brand-trained, University-approved vendors to work with. 
  • Good marketing takes time. If you’re requesting something for next week (or tomorrow!), we likely won’t be able to help. It’s important if you have a goal to work with us to allow proper time for planning and production. The table below will give you an idea of adequate project timelines.  
Type of Projects  Estimated Production Time 
Marketing Campaigns 6-8 weeks 
Marketing Collateral (brochure, etc)  2 weeks 
Media Release 2-3 weeks
Video  4 weeks 
Website Edit  72 hours maximum 
Social Media  2 weeks 

Marketing Support

Let’s Work Together

If you need a minor web edit, just complete at ticket on the WebQ. If you have another marketing need, let’s visit about how best to tackle your project. Start the process by completing the marketing agreement below.

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