When it’s time to get our brand out there—to engage audiences of students, parents, faculty, staff, neighbors, donors, the region, and the rest of the world—we work with partners who offer high quality services and expertise.

We've selected vendors who are partners in achieving our goals and elevating our programs. Contact us to see how Marketing and Communications and our partners in printing and copying, signage and graphics, and promotional items can help with your projects, programs, and events.  

Southeast's multi-vendor contracts cover a variety of services. Contracted vendors must be used when University funds are spent on printing and other covered services, regardless of cost. If the University's contracted vendors are unable to meet the specifications of a particular job, approval to use an alternate vendor should be requested prior to the purchase by contacting Marketing & Communications at (573) 651-5995 or brand@semo.edu.


TPC's On-Campus Copy Center 
Susie Moore / ext. 2531 / Email 
Parker 105 / MS 7695 

This option covers stationery items

  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes 
  • Invitations 
  • Letterhead 
  • Memo Pads 
  • Message Pads 
It also covers copying and related services: 
  • Bindery Services 
  • Black and White Copies 
  • Color Copies 
  • Foam Board Mounting 
  • Laminating 
  • Presentations Materials 
  • Wide Format Prints 

A valid index number must be provided when requesting professional business package or quick-copy services. Billing for these items will be processed internally. Monitor your budget reports carefully for billings.

To ensure consistency of brand across campus, designs/proofs must be emailed to Marketing & Communications at brand@semo.edu prior to printing.  

This option covers a wide variety of printed materials, including: 

  • Booklets 
  • Brochures 
  • Flyers 
  • Folders 
  • Newsletters 
  • Postcards 
  • Posters 
  • Soft-cover Books and Journals 
  • Specialty Work (die cutting, foil stamping, etc.) 
  • Table Tents 
  • Travel Cards 
  • Other Print or Paper Products 

This option requires a purchase requisition. P-cards cannot be used for printing services. Our vendors are flexible with this requirement — you may enter a purchase requisition after your department receives the invoice for your printed work. At least two quotes are required for purchases of $10,000 or more and recommended for all sizable purchases.  


  • Garlich Printing Co.
    Tim Lyons / (844) 449-4752 / Email / Website
  • Moll Printing
    Bobby Brune / (573) 472-1848 / Email / Website
  • Presort, Inc.
    Spencer Schaetzel / (314) 771-7678, ext. 103 / Email / Website
  • Swift Print Communications
    Larry Bloch / (314) 991-4300, ext. 316 / Email / Website
  • TPC
    Zach Capriola / (573) 651-3377 / Email / Website
  • World Press Printing
    Chris Hageman / (636) 343-1167 / Email / Website

To ensure consistency of brand across campus, designs/proofs must be emailed to Marketing & Communications at brand@semo.edu prior to printing.  

We have pre-certified vendors for many types of signage and large graphic items with the University branding and/or logo, including:  

  • Coroplast/Plastic Signs 
  • Pop-up Banners 
  • Table Runners 
  • Vehicle Wraps 
  • Vinyl and Mesh Banners 
  • Wall Graphics 
  • Window Decals 

This contract excludes metal signs, printing on paper products (covered under the printing services contract), and promotional items for giveaways.  

Facilities Management (FM) must be contacted before placing orders for items to be permanently affixed to buildings, poles, or other structures. To notify FM, place a work order at facilities.semo.edu 

Signage and graphics projects require a purchase requisition.  P-cards cannot be used for signage, except for wall canvases purchased via Walmart.com. Use account code 707200.  


  • Main Street Signs
    Amy Huber / (573) 547-8075 / Email / Website
  • Moll Printing
    Bobby Brune / (573) 472-1848 / Email / Website
  • Project Graphics
    Diana Matson / (800) 655-7311 / Email / Website
  • Reveal Graphics by TPC
    Zach Capriola / (573) 651-3377 / Email / Website
  • Building Four Fabrication
    (404) 551-4450 / Email / Website
  • Signmaster
    (573) 335-1909
    / Email / Website
  • Walmart
    For wall canvas purchases only.
    Department will be required to purchase with a pcard and pick up the item on their own. Before purchasing, designs must emailed to brand@semo.edu to approve for brand compliance.

To ensure consistency of brand across campus, designs/proofs must be emailed to Marketing & Communications at brand@semo.edu prior to printing.  

This option covers all promotional and giveaway items. 

A purchase requisition is required regardless of the amount purchased. P-cards cannot be used for promotional products. Use account code 707360.  


  • BA Promotions & Marketing, LLC
    (888) 887-8482 / Email / Website
  • CSPrinting
    (573) 334-0234 / Email / Website
  • Going Green Promotions
    Wes Wade / (573) 225-2101 / Email / Website
  • Gorilla Marketing
    Nina Vultaggio / (714) 878-4354 / Email / Website
  • Horizons Companies
    Laura Sheridan / (573) 334-2416 / Email / Website
  • International Promotional Ideas
    (847) 439-6700 / Email / Website
  • Magellan Promotions
    Sarah Blake / (414) 831-0184 / Email / Website
  • Moll Printing
    Bobby Brune / (573) 472-1848 / Email / Website
  • MPG Tandem
    Hannah Scanlon / (636) 680-0238 / Email / Website
  • ROI Marketing
    (800) 540-3576 / Email / Website
  • Slate Group
    Jasmine Rodriguez / (806) 794-7752 / Email / Website
  • 4imprint 
    1-877-446-7746 / Email / Website / SEMS10 for discount

Common Issues for University Printing 

University Name and Logo 

The University's official name is "Southeast Missouri State University." When used in this manner, it must be spelled out with no abbreviations. Acceptable variations and conditions of use include "Southeast," "Southeast Missouri" and "Southeast Missouri State" in text reference in printed matter after the complete name has been established. These variations must never be used alone.  

Other than in text reference, the name, "Southeast Missouri State University," as it appears in the official logo, should appear prominently (e.g., on the front cover). When referring to the University, the "U" should be capitalized.  

The official logo is the primary component of the Southeast Missouri State University graphics identity system. It consists of three elements--the dome, the Southeast Missouri State University name, and the year it was founded. It must be printed in its entirety, without modifications, and should appear on all University materials, which include, but are not limited to, publications, advertisements, websites, vehicles, and clothing. Use the primary configuration unless space or layout concerns require one of the alternate configurations. You can download the logo here. 


Athletic Logos 

The athletics graphic standards are available online. 

Wehking Alumni Center 4th Floor
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS7350
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701