The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS) seeks driven, tenacious students to be part of our community.

We work with students to help determine if Southeast is their right-fit school, the place they’ll follow their passions and transform their futures. Once on campus, we help them seize opportunities, achieve their goals, and prepare for their careers. 

Our Initiatives

  • Student Success

    Students shouldn’t just go to college, they should thrive in college. We want our students to realize their full potential. It’s why we set goals, address challenges, provide personal support, and celebrate their successes. At Southeast, we know that the more fulfilled our students are, the better they make our community. So we work very hard to help them their success. And, we’re very good at it. 
  • Student Leadership

    Southeast is an institution that prides itself on preparing students to take the lead. Students have the opportunity to participate in Camp Redhawk before they even start their first semester, a First-Year Leadership program continues developing those skills that are furthered honed in teh Emerging Leaders and President's Leadership Academy. 
  • Brand Central

    When you think of brand, logos and fonts may come to mind. But anyone who has had an exceptional experience with an organization knows the brand is about the promise they make to you and how well they deliver on the promise. At Southeast, our brand promise is to be just as hard-working and driven as our students. They deserve nothing less and we work each day to help them find success and celebrate when they do. 
  • Internationalization

    Today’s students, more than ever before, need to be able to function effectively in a global society. That’s not just something we tell our students, it’s something we actively prepare them for. Southeast was one of just 11 schools selected to participate in the American Council on Education’s Internationalization Laboratory program to position the University as a more globally-oriented and internationally-connected institution. 

Our Initiatives

  • SupportNET

    At Southeast, we believe our students’ successes are theirs alone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little help. SupportNET is a literal team of faculty and staff who are on the student’s side--there to help them find answers, recognize problems, and stay on course. Every student gets their own team, so they feel supported in their academics, and their engagements. But, most importantly, so they know someone is always a click away to help.  
  • Master Advisor

    We think students deserve more than just an advisor. We want our advisors to master the art of guiding students. So, we provide training, professional development, evaluation, and recognition to ensure they do. The Master Advisor program is designed to create a core of highly-skilled academic advisors who provide excellent support and guidance to students.  
  • Wellness

    Stereotypes will tell us that college is a carefree time where young adults experience freedom and independence for their first time. The reality of today’s college student is that they are often balancing their studies with work, extracurriculars, paying for their education, and the overall pressures of being a young adult experiencing freedom and independence for their first time. At Southeast, our students’ wellbeing is just as important as their academic success. It’s why we emphasize programs to promote their wellness as well as their studies. 
  • Student Engagement

    It’s not enough to have an entire team of professionals engaged in working to help students find success and fulfillment at Southeast if we aren’t connected to those students and their actual struggles and hopes. Engaging our existing student groups and bringing together special groups to provide insight for everything from the website and portal to Budget Review and policies that impact their everyday mean we’re not just planning for their success but giving them a seat at the table. 


"They really care about the students here at Southeast. They genuinely want you to succeed. That's not just a gimmick. They truly believe that. "

Elliot Siekmann

Elliot Siekmann stands in the courtyard in front of Johnson Hall on a sunny autumn day.

Celebrating Successes

While Southeast is an institution focused on work, we like to think we’re equally focused on applauding all that good work. We honor our students for their outstanding academic pursuits as well as for the work they do as leaders and for their contributions to campus. And, we honor our team for the work they do guiding our students.

Our Mission, Vision, & Plan

If the students are the reason we do what we do, then our why and how can best be defined by Southeast’s Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan—documents that are both our guiding star and roadmap to ensure we’re helping students go after their dreams and be prepared when they achieve them.

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