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During a very challenging time, Southeast Missouri State University worked together to accomplish great things. Because our future successes will result from our current actions, we are building a plan to position the University to seize opportunity and conquer what’s next. 


We will ask for feedback and input from our campus community throughout the process.


We will forge our path to the future, identifying priorities and opportunities.


We will execute our plan, so Southeast and its students are ready for an ever-changing world.

Our Strategic Planning Process 

At our core, Southeast Missouri State University is committed to student success and contributing to our region. This is reflected in our mission and is the bedrock upon which we will build a strategic action plan.  

The committee is working toward a plan to identify key strategic actions. It won’t include everything we could do, but rather what we will do to ensure Southeast is successful, relevant, and sustainable. It will be focused, prioritized, and concise.  

Our world has changed so much in a year’s time. We know this constant evolution will not stop or slow. We will work, so we are not just responding as the world shifts and changes but are poised for tomorrow.  

Share Your Thoughts 

Phase 1: Evaluate

We will begin by looking at the higher education landscape, discussing our strengths and our challenges, and debating where we see our future.

Phase 2: Themes

Our robust conversations will lead us to discover the priorities on which we’ll focus our plan and develop strategies for a successful future.

Phase 3: Action Plan

Now, that we have specific, measurable tasks, we’ll begin the work to execute these tactics, building a stronger Southeast for the future.

How We Will Get There

The Strategic Action Plan Steering Committee will meet throughout the spring and summer. We are committed to transparency and engagement during the process. We will share resources that the committee reviews during its sessions and regularly publish updates in Newswire, so the campus community has notice of progress and can provide valuable feedback.

Leading the Charge

This campus-wide initiative is being developed by a 21-person committee representing diverse facets of Southeast. Your colleagues accepted this challenge to create a strategic action plan, discovering a comprehensive vision to design and build Southeast’s future.

Ms. WyKeshia Atkins / Director of Learning Assistance Programs 

Mr. Brady Barke / Director, Athletics 
Mr. Eric Chambers / Director, Institutional Research 
Dr. Mario Garcia / Director Institute of Cybersecurity, Harrison College of Business & Computing 
Mr. Ed Gargas / President, Board of Governors
Ms. Barbara Glackin / Dean, Kent Library 
Ms. Lenell Hahn / Director of Admissions 
Ms. Stephanie Hallam / Assistant Professor, Education Information Librarian 
Dr. Laura Hatcher / Associate Professor of Political Science, College of Humanities & Social Sciences 
Ms. Carol Heisserer / Director, Academic Advising 
Dr. Joseph Jefferson / Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies, Holland College of Arts & Media 
Dr. Susan Kendrick / Professor and Chair of English, College of Humanities & Social Sciences 
Ms. Tina Klocke / Vice President, Board of Governors
Ms. Amanda Lincoln / Director of Development, University Foundation 
Ms. Brooke Lockhart / Assistant Director, Admissions 
Ms. Sonia Rucker / Vice President for Equity, Access and Behavioral Health, Dean of Students 
Dr. Brad Sheriff / Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Dr. Dustin Siegel / Professor of Biology, College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 
Ms. Tammy Underwood / Executive Assistant, Office of Institutional Equity & DiversityDivision of Equity, Access and Behavioral Health and Dean of Students 
Dr. Jason Wagganer / Professor of Exercise Science and Interim Chair of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Recreation, College of Education, Health & Human Studies

Dr. Debbie Below / Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success 
Dr. Mike Godard / Provost


Dr. David Attis 
Dr. Attis is managing director of strategic research for EAB, and over the past 14 years he has worked with more than five hundred colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada. 

Dr. Elaine Maimon 
Dr. Maimon is an educator, university administrator, and author with a long career in educational reform with 24 years in chief executive officer positions at Arizona State University West, University of Alaska-Anchorage, and Governors State University.


Kathy Harper / University Communications Director  
Christopher Martin / Chief of Staff, Assistant to the President for Strategy & Government Relations and Secretary to the Board of Regents 
Tonya Wells / Director of University Marketing

Our Foundations

Southeast is fortunate to already have solid mission, vision, and branding statements as well as exceptional institutional values. This process does not seek to recreate those but to use them as guiding principles to determine the priorities and actions needed to transform our institution for tomorrow.

Your Engagement

The steering committee will engage with campus when there are items for feedback, but we’ve also developed a dedicated email address for your participation. We implore you to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with the committee at any time.