Table include course syllabus, prerequisites, and tentative rotation schedule to assist you in planning your schedule.

Tentative Course Rotation

course Prerequisites (or Co:Requisited as marked) Fall Spring Varies
AV001 Flight Lab Scheduling Co: AV111, 211, 311, 312, 313, 411, 412 X X
AV100 Introduction to Aviation X
AV110 Private Pilots Co: AV111 X
AV111 Private Pilots Lab I Co:AV110 X X
AV210 Aviation Instrumentation AV110 X
AV211 Aviation Instrumentation Lab 1 Co:AV210 X X
AV301 Aviation Safety AV110 X
AV306 Aviation Management I AV210 X
AV310 Commerical Pilot AV112, AV210 X
AV311 Commercial Pilot Lab I AV310 X X
AV312 Commercial Pilot Lab II AV311 X X
AV313 Commercial Pilot Lab 3 AV312 X X
AV390 Aircraft Design & Performance ET381; PH120 X
AV395 Advanced Avionics Theory and Operation AV390 X
AV406 Aviation Management II X
AV408 Human Factors in Aviation AV210 X
AV410 Flight Instructor AV310 X
AV411 Flight Instructor Lab I Co:AV410 X X
AV412 Flight Instructor Lab II Co: AV410 X X
AV420 Jet Flight Management X
AV430 Crew Resource Management AV110 X
AV440 Multi-Engine Instructor AV410 X
AV441 Multi-Engine Instructor Lab 1 Co: AV440 X X
AV450 Aviation Capstone AV310 X X
CM126 Computer Aided Architectural Drafting X X
CM143 Construction Methods and Materials I X
CM226 Residential Architectural Drafting and Design CM126 or consent of instructor X X
CM243 Construction Methods and Materials II CM143 or consent of instructor X
CM260 Computation Methods & Tools - Construction 30+ hours X
CM310 Building Codes and Compliance 30+ hours X
CM315 Construction Contracts and Legal Issues 30+ hours X
CM320 Construction Cost Estimating MA 115/116/117/137/139/140 X
CM322 Commercial Architectural Drafting and Design CM226 X X
CM325 Building Mechanical and Electrical Systems CM143 X
CM330 Construction Planning and Scheduling 30+ hours X
CM343 Construction Surveying and Testing 30+ hours & MA 115/116/117/137/139/140 X
CM410 Construction Project Administration CM315; CM320; CM330 X
CM443 Construction Equipment Management CM320 X
EG201 Systems Engineering X
EG301 Industrial Ergonomics MA223 X
EG316 Data Cleaning & Linkage MA223 X
EG410 Lean Supply Chain MA345/QM352 [min grade of C] X
EG412 Industrial Capstone Projects EG506/EG410/EG492 or consent of instructor X
EG492 Modeling and Simulation MA223/523 X X
EG506 Operations Research MA345; MA523; MN260/CS155/CS177 X
EP003 Engineering Physics Assessment EP480 X
EP100 Introduction to Engineering (old-Physics and Engineering Concepts) Co: MA137/140 X
EP242 Circuit Analysis II EP240; MA145 X
EP261 Engineering Mechanics Statics EP240; MA145 X
EP262 Engineering Mechanics Dynamics EP261 (min C) X
EP263 Mechanics of Materials EP261 (min C) X
EP305 Digital System Design EP240 X
EP310 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems EP305/ET245 Odd Year
EP340 Electronic Circuits EP242 Odd Year
EP350 Mechanical Engineering Design EP263; MA244; or consent of instructor Even Year
EP361 Engineering Thermodynamics (old- Thermal Analysis) PH231; MA244 Even Year
EP363 Fluid Mechanics (old -Thermal-Fluid Engineering) EP262; MA244 Odd Uear
EP365 Heat Transfer EP361; EP363 Odd year
EP372 Signals and Systems EP242; MA145 Odd year
EP374 Control Systems EP372; MA145 Even Year
EP378-379 Interdisciplinary Research (1-2) consent of instructor X
EP400/600 Bioengineering Laboratory: Flow Cytometry (2) consent of instructor X
EP410/610 NanoScale Engineering for Healthcare (3) PH231 or consent of instructor X
EP411-413 Industrial Internship in Physics (1-3) X
EP415/615 Fundamentals of Bioengineering BI173; CH185; PH121/231 X
EP420/620 Biomechanics EP263 or consent of instructor X
EP460 Measurements and Instrumentation X
EP463/663 Numerical and FE Methods (4) CS101, MA244, or consent of instructor Even Year
EP480 Capstone Design I PH 345 X
EP481 Capstone Design II EP 480 X
EP495/695 Readings Nano-Bio Engr (1) consent of instructor X
EP503 Materials Science X
EP505 Nano-scale Science and Engineering BI173; CH185; PH 121/231 X
EP578-579 Interdisciplinary Research (1-2) consent of instructor X
EP605 Engineering in Science Educ (1) X
EP688 Graduate Research consent of graduate advisor X
EP698 Thesis Research I consent of graduate advisor X
EP699 Thesis Research II consent of graduate advisor X
EP850 Intro Nano-Sci & Bio consent of instructor X
ET110 Fundamentals of Electrical Eng. Tech X
ET160 Basic Electric Circuits MA 115/116/117/137/139/140 X X
ET164 AC Principles and Circuits ET160/EP240; MA140 X
ET245 Logic Circuits ET160/EP240 X
ET260 Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis ET164/EP242; Co:MN300 Odd year
ET304 Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers ET160/EP240/MN260/CS101 X
ET365 Industrial Electrical Power ET164/EP242; Co:MN300 Even Year
ET367 Motor Control and Drive Systems ET365 Even Year
ET374 Industrial Electronics ET260 Odd Year
ET380 Vision & Sensor Systems PH120 X
ET381 Fundamentals of Aviation in UAS X
ET382 UAS Fundamentals X
ET383 UAS Design ET160; ET382; Co:ET381 X
ET384 UAS Law, Policy, & Safety X
ET385 UAS Mission Planning and Applications ET380; ET382; ET383 X
ET468/568 Industrial Controls ET374 Even Year
ET471 Topics in Electrical Eng. Tech. ET365 Odd Year
FM504 Facilities Management X
IM300 Technical Communication 30+ hours and EN100 X X
IM301 Industrial Safety Supervision X X
IM311 Statistical Process Control MA 115/116/117/137/140 [min grade of C] X X
IM309 Technology & Society X X
IM313 Facilities Planning MN203/QM258 Odd Year
IM315 Work Measurement Even Year
IM317-319 Cooperative Industrial Internship 60+ hrs X X Summer
IM410 Manufacturing Research in a Global Society Department Permission w/ 90+ hours X X
IM411 Total Quality Assurance IM311/MA223/MA523/QM258 X
IM417/617 Manufacturing Resource Analysis IM311/IM313/QM258/grad standing X
IM419 Industrial Supervision 60+ hours X X
IM506 Projects in Industrial and Engineering Technology 60+ hours X X
IM515 Advanced Technical Communication EN140/EN190/PL115/consent of instructor/grad standing X
IM516 Documenting & Presenting Technical Instruction & Proposals EN140/EN190/PL115/consent of instructor/grad standing X
IM517 Software in Technical Documents EN140/EN190/PL115/consent of instructor/grad standing X
IM518 Advanced Technical Document Design, Organization & Graphics EN140/EN190/PL115/consent of instructor/grad standing X
IM520 Technical Training and Development X
IM521 Technical Change & Human Resource Development X
IM522 Technical Leadership in Training and Development X
IM523 Training and Development of Technical Teams X
IM555 (455) Sustainable and Green Manufacturing X
IM600 Managing Tech Innovation X X
IM602 Advanced Quality Concepts X X
IM603 Industrial Supervision in a Diverse Workplace X X
IM605 (405) Innovation for Lean Enterprise X X
IM606 Knowledge Management X X
IM691 Methods of Research in Technology Management 18+ hrs X X
IM692 (EG492) Modeling and Simulation IM691 X X
IM693 Applied Research Project IM691 X X
MN120 Fundamentals of Engineering Design Processes X X
MN170 Engineering Materials and Testing CH180/181/185; MA 115/116/117/137/140 X
MN203 Industrial Materials & Processes I MN120 X
MN220 Engineering Economic Analysis MA 115/116/117/137/139/140 X X
MN221 Solid Modeling and Rapid Prototyping MA 115/116/117/137 X
MN260 Technical Computer Programming Applications MA 115/116/117/137/139/140 X X
MN300 Computational Analysis in Eng. Tech. ET 160; MA 140 X
MN304 Industrial Materials and Processes II MN170; MN203 X
MN319 Statics and Strengths of Materials MA 115/116/117/137; PH120 X
MN324 Mechanical Design Processes MA137; MN221; PH120/230 X
MN350 Machine Design MN319/EP263; MN324/EP380 X
MN354 Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) MN324; MN350 X
MN356 Robotic Fundamentals ET304; MN260 X
MN383 Fluid Power MA139/140; PH120 X
MN402 Plastics and Processes MA144/MA145/MN300; MN 354 Even Year
MN412 Industrial Capstone Projects MN356; (MN354 or (ET367;ET374)) X
MN416 Manufacturing Seminar MN356; (MN354 or (ET367;ET374)) X
MN512 Industrial Capstone Projects MN356; (MN354 or (ET367;ET374)) X
TN255 Microcomputer Maintenance and Troubleshooting X
TN275/562 Introduction to Networks X X
TN295 Firewalls 30+ hours X
TN375 Routing and Switching Essentials TN275 X
TN395 Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting TN255/275/295/CS155 X
TN425/625 Wireless Communications and Mobile Data Networks TN275(/TN562) X
TN435/635 Network Security TN295/375(/TN564) X
TN475 Scaling Networks TN375 X
TN485 Network Operations I TN275 X
TN495 Network Operations II TN375/485 X
TN564 Telecom & Network II TN562 X
TN565 Network Management TN475 or Graduate Standing X
TN566 IP Telephony TN475 or Graduate Standing X
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