These tables include course syllabus, prerequisites, and tentative rotation schedule to assist you in planning your schedule.

Tentative Course Rotation


course Fall Spring Summer
AG111 Agribusiness Orientation C C+R Even N/A
AG140 Communicating in Agriculture C C+R Odd N/A
AG201 World Food and Society C C N/A
AG208 Agriculture Business Data Analysis N/A C+R Even N/A
AG245 Agricultural Economics N/A C+R N/A
AG250 Agribusiness Management C C+R Odd N/A
AG302 Agricultural Education Planning N/A C N/A
AG303 Agricultural Mechanization C N/A N/A
AG313 Agribusiness Social Media X X X
AG333 Agricultural Law X X X
AG334 Agribusiness Finance N/A C+R Odd N/A
AG340 Agricultural Safety C+R Odd C+R Even N/A
AG355 Agriculture Seminar C+R Even C N/A
AG371 Topics In Agriculture C C N/A
AG381 Agribusiness Management II C C+R Odd N/A
AG433 Agricultural and Food Policy X X X
AG440 Precision Agriculture C N/A N/A
AG444 Spatial Analysis in GIS. N/A C N/A
AG447 Marketing Agricultural Products C+R Even N/A N/A
AG461 Independent Study in Agriculture C C N/A
AG465 Agriculture Internship C C N/A
AG469 Undergraduate Research C C N/A
AG470 Agribusiness Sales N/A C+R Even N/A
AG551 Water Management C C N/A

C = On Campus
R = Regional Campus
O = Online
X = On Demand
N/A = Not Available

Agriculture Graduate

Course Fall Spring Summer
AG515 Agribusiness Communication O N/A N/A
AG525 Agribusiness Seminar N/A O N/A
AG550 Agribusiness Analysis O N/A N/A
AG580 Research Methods in Agriculture N/A O N/A
AG600 Agribusiness Thesis N/A O N/A
AG603 Agribusiness Externship N/A O N/A
AG608 Liability and Agribusiness Risk O N/A N/A
AG610 International Agriculture O O N/A
AG633 Agriculture and Food Policy N/A O N/A
AG647 Agribusiness Marketing O N/A N/A

C = On Campus
R = Regional Campus
O = Online
X = On Demand
N/A = Not Available


Course Fall Spring Summer
AO120 Plant Science C+R C+R N/A
AO125 Plant Science Lab C+R C+R N/A
AO215/015 Soils N/A C+R N/A
AO260/060 Integrated Pest Management C+R Even N/A N/A
AO301 Forages N/A C N/A
AO321 Cotton and Rice Culture N/A C+R Odd N/A
AO322 Weed Science C+R Odd N/A N/A
AO323 Plant Pathology C+R Even C N/A
AO327 Sustainable Agriculture C+R Odd N/A N/A
AO401 Agriculture and Natural Resource Management N/A C+R Even N/A
AO415 Crop Systems Management C+R Even N/A N/A
AO420 Crop Physiology N/A C+R Even N/A
AO427 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition C+R Odd N/A N/A
AO444 Principles of Plant Breeding N/A C+R Odd N/A
AO480 Crop Production N/A C+R Odd N/A
AO555 Soil Classification and Resource Management X X X

C = On Campus
R = Regional Campus
O = Online
X = On Demand
N/A = Not Available

Animal Science

course Fall Spring Summer
AY101 Introduction to Animal Science C C+R Even N/A
AY105 Animal Science Experiences C C N/A
AY106 Structure and Systems of Livestock Animals C C N/A
AY200 Companion Animals C N/A N/A
AY205 Horse Science C N/A N/A
AY210 Animal Welfare N/A C N/A
AY220 Animal Handling N/A C N/A
AY222 Swine Science N/A C Odd N/A
AY240 Beef Production N/A C N/A
AY300 Animal Anatomy and Physiology I C N/A N/A
AY302 Animal Immunology C N/A N/A
AY304 Princinples of Animal Nutrition C N/A N/A
AY305 Advanced Horse Science N/A C N/A
AY306 Companion Animal Diseases N/A C N/A
AY310 Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology II N/A C N/A
AY320 Meat Science X X X
AY333 Livestock Behavior and Management X X X
AY350 Animal Production C N/A N/A
AY360 Livestock Diseases N/A C N/A
AY375 Animal Breed Improvement N/A C Odd N/A
AY425 Feeding Nonruminants C Even N/A N/A
AY435 Feeding Ruminants N/A C N/A
AY440 Advanced Beef Production N/A C Even N/A
AY455 Form and Function of Livestock Animals X X X

C = On Campus
R = Regional Campus
O = Online
X = On Demand
N/A = Not Available


course Fall Spring Summer
HO110 Introduction to Horticulture C+R Odd C N/A
HO215 Practical Horticulture Experiences C C N/A
HO225 Identification and Use of Deciduous Plants C N/A N/A
HO232 Production and Use of Hemp C N/A N/A
HO235 Identification and Use of Evergreen Plants C N/A N/A
HO245 Identification and Use of Interiorscape and Tropical Plants N/A C N/A
HO255 Identification and Use of Annual and Perennial Plants N/A C N/A
HO310 Alternative Agriculture X X X
HO320 Nursery Administration and Culture X X X
HO321 Advanced Plant Propagation N/A C Odd N/A
HO330 Strategic Landscape Design N/A C Odd N/A
HO332 Computer Aided Landscape Design X X X
HO342 Production of Horticultural Crops N/A C Even N/A
HO350 Advanced Greenhouse Management N/A C Even N/A
HO355 Interior Plantscaping X X X
HO430 Advanced Turfgrass Management X X X
HO431 Landscape Installation and Maintenance C Odd N/A N/A
HO445 Composting and Utilization in Horticultural Systems X X X
HO450 Vineyard Operations & Management X X X
HO464 Hydroponics and Horticulture Technologies C Even N/A N/A
HO470 Regenerative Urban Agriculture X X X

C = On Campus
R = Regional Campus
O = Online
X = On Demand
N/A = Not Available


Course Fall Spring Summer
UI344 Plants and Humanity C C N/A
UI436 Agricultural Ethics C C+R Odd N/A

C = On Campus
R = Regional Campus
O = Online
X = On Demand
N/A = Not Available

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