Explore our dedicated programs, state-of-the-art labs, and expert faculty, empowering students to thrive in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Join us in shaping the future of digital defense and securing tomorrow's innovations in our Institute for Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Degrees

As more and more information goes online, keeping it safe becomes crucial. Cybercrime is a real and constant danger today. At SEMO, we can get you ready for a career fighting against digital attacks. We offer both bachelor's and master's degrees in Cybersecurity to help you start a successful career in defending against cyber threats.

Cyber Defense Team

Our cyber defense team has won Missouri's statewide competitions 10 times in a row. If you are looking to join one of the best teams in the state, look no further. Want to see who you'd be working with? Check them out, past and present!

Cybersecurity Facilities

With state-of-the-art facilities and groundbreaking technology, cybersecurity students have access to the SEMO Cyber Range, the Simulation Lab, the IoT Lab, and Research Cluster.

SEMO Cyber Command Center Coming Summer 2024

We are always growing so that we can provide you: our students, and our community, with the highest quality education possible. We are partnering with IBM Security to bring you our SEMO Cyber Range Command Center. It will host community training, competitions, and more.

Community Education

Interested in understanding cybersecurity better? SEMO has courses for everyone. Learn about cybersecurity awareness, hardware security, or ethical hacking. Sign up now for a safer online experience!


By serving the region with expertise in digital assets and expanding student's knowledge of cybersecurity, the Institute for Cybersecurity prepares students for real-world experiences by immersing them in the industry of cybersecurity, research, and related fields of study. 


  • Service to Students 
  • Collaboration with faculty 
  • Service to the community 

Advisory Board

Name Company Email
Nat Prakongpan  Cyberbit (vice-president)  nat@cyberbit.com 
Russ Lowenthal  Oracle Corporation (vice-president)  russ.lowenthal@oracle.com 
Ankit Nayak  Handshake (AI) (Masters at CMU)  ankitn@alumni.cmu.edu
Ewerton Vieira  CISCO Networks, F5   ewertonvieira@gmail.com  
Mark Perkins  Century Casinos  mark.perkins@cnty.com 
Wayne Floyd  Saint Francis Healthcare  wfloyd@sfmc.net 
Xuesong  Zhang  Emeritus Professor - SEMO  snowcedar30@gmail.com 
Mike Davis  Edward Jones Investment  mike.davis@edwardjones.com 
Larry Welch  Raytheon Technology  lawrence.david.welch@gmail.com 
Patrick Keller  Southwest Research Institute  Rustofer7810@gmail.com 
Manish Shrestha    stha_manish@outlook.com 
Chuck Brokish  Green Health Software -Safety & Security  cbrokish@ghs.com 
David Kravitz  Sr. Director of Research at Spring Labs   david@msn.com 
Christopher Niekamp   BJC Healthcare  christopher.niekamp@bjc.org 
Heather Stafford  Department of Defense  Heather.L.Stafford@nga.mil 
Casey Pritchard  Charter Communications  casey.a.prichard@gmail.com 
Micky McQuade  Vintage Software-Owner  micky@vintagesoftware.com 
Gary Walker  Vizient Inc.  gary.walkerexec@gmail.com 
Chad Lich  Microsoft, St. Louis  chadlich@microsoft.com 
Robin Cole  Rite Group (President) Cape Gir.  trcole3@theritegroup.com 

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Hear from our Faculty

"The Institute of Cybersecurity was created responding to a national need to have people train in cybersecurity, people helping to defend the national infrastructure, since the attacks are continuous at the local level, national level, international level. … So, we'll be helping our community, our own state at the national level, preparing the students in cybersecurity."

Dr. Mario Garcia, Director, Institute of Cybersecurity

Dr. Mario Garcia looks at the camera for a portrait.
Dempster 246C
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS5950
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701