Looking to join an award-winning Cyber Defense team while you work toward your degree? We have you covered.

 two cybersecurity degree students and cyber defense team members hold a trophy up for the photographer

Our Cyber Defense team won the Missouri Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) - for 11 consecutive years! Collaborating, innovating, and staying one step ahead, this dynamic team represents the future guardians of cybersecurity.

2023 Cyberdefense Team

The Team Members by position are: 


  • Karl Trowbridge 
  • Ethan Jett (Capitan) 
  • Matt Wilde 
  • Hank Thro 
  • Linux Alternate: Issac Hotop 


  • Nick Hodges 
  • Windows Alternate: Nathan Kobie 


  • Nick Hendricks 
  • Network Alternate: James Meghrian 


  • Cole Huntley 
  • Sam Brucker 
  • Liaison Alternate: Sam Hubler 

Past Cyber Defense Teams

  • Jared Bowman, senior cybersecurity major with a minor in computer networking from Troy, Mo.  
  • Grant Buchheit, junior cybersecurity major with a minor in computer networking from St. Charles, Mo.  
  • Weston Cottrell, junior cybersecurity major from Fairbury, Ill.  
  • Stephen Gullette, senior cybersecurity major from Cape Girardeau, Mo.   
  • Elijah Iverson, junior cybersecurity major with a minor in computer networking from Bloomington, Ill.  
  • Ethan Jett, sophomore cybersecurity major from Bloomington  
  • Suzie Luehmann, sophomore cybersecurity major from Granite City, Ill.  
  • Luke Skaggs, senior cybersecurity major with a minor in computer science from Festus, Mo.  
  • Jennifer Tenholder, senior cybersecurity major with minors in computer networking and computer science from Florissant, Mo. (Capitan) 
  • Grant Trowbridge, senior cybersecurity major from Ten Mile, Tenn.  
  • Karl Trowbridge, sophomore cybersecurity major from Ten Mile 
    • Isaac Wilson, senior computer science major from Malden, Mo. 

  • Team members: 
  • Gabe Stier, (capitan) 
  • Joseph Kossack,  
  • Will Ward,  
  • Elijah Iverson,  
  • Stephen Gullette, 
  • Trevor Banning,  
  •  Jennifer Tenholder,  
  • Suzie Luehmann,  
  • Jack Gavin,  
  • Ethan Jett,  
  • Christian Atkin, 
  • Luke Skaggs. 

Winning Streak: Southeast Cyber Defense Team Wins Ninth Straight State Championship

  • Joseph Kossack,  
  • Giovanni Licameli,  
  • Quinn Johnson, 
  • Connor Bybee,  
  • Elijah Iverson,  
  • Andrew Banning, 
  • Gabe Stier,  
  • Jennifer Tenholder,  
  • Jack Gavin, 
  • Ethan Gyori. (team captain)

Southeast Cyber Defense Team Wins Eighth Straight State Championship


  • Lucas Kossack of Grantsburg, Illinois  
  • Jonathan Fulling of Bloomington, Illinois  
  • Mackenzie Bonneville of Mapleton, Illinois  
  • Bryton Herdes of Xenia, Illinois  
  • Ben Shell of Marble, Hill, Missouri  
  • Jonathan Jonny Johnson of Rolla, Missouri  
  • Ethan Gyori of Eureka, Missouri  
  • Adam Elfrink of Jackson, Missouri 
 The team's alternates are  
  • Drake Fisher of Carbondale, Illinois  
  • Andrew Banning of Salem, Illinois  
  • Scott St. John of Wildwood, Missouri  
  • Stephanie Graessle

Southeast Cyber Defense Team Wins Multi-State Competition, 6th Straight State Title

  • Alex Clinton of Sidney, Ohio  
  • James Eilers of OFallon, Missouri  
  • Jonathan Snow of Florissant, Missouri  
  • Lucas Kossack of Grantsburg, Illinois  
  • JoLynn Hallmark of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
  • Zachary Peek of Aviston, Illinois  
  • Thomas DePriest of St. Louis, Missouri  
  • Tusita Gunaratne of Negombo, Sri Lanka.  
  • Jonathan Fulling of Bloomington, Illinois 
  • Jasmeet Singh Kukreja of Delhi, India 
  • William Reed of Festus, Missouri

Southeast Cybersecurity Team Takes Second at 2016 Erich J. Spengler Midwest Regional CCDC

  • Jolynn Hallmark  
  • Zack Peek  
  • Melanie Thiemann  
  • Blynn Atchley  
  • Tyler Morgan  
  • Jeremy Wiedner  
  • Nick Howe  
  • George Papulis  
  • Charles Harner. 
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