We know that transferring schools can be stressful and intimidating, but we're here to help you every step of the way.


With the help of Southeast’s Degree Works Equivalency Tool, we are able to speed up and help ease your transfer process. This tool is an absolute lifesaver in the transfer process!

If you are already planning on becoming a Redhawk, this tool will show you which classes you need to take at your current institution before transferring. The Degree Works Equivalency Tool also allows you to add all the courses you have completed at your previous school(s), so that you can view how your credits apply to a degree at Southeast.

This option helps find the quickest path to lead you to graduation. Not only is this option quick and simple, but you also have access to it on our website. You can access the Degree Works Equivalency Tool by clicking the link above. First, you log in with your account, create an account or access the tool without logging in. Once you get to the main page, the process is separated into three categories:
  • Basics – Log predicted enrollment date, intended level, degree, major and minor.
  • Transfer – Select which institution you will be transferring from and choose which courses you want to evaluate.
  • Results – Degree plan will pop up with classes that will transfer from your institution and classes you still need to complete.

Once you view your results, the page contains quick links to download the degree
map, apply online, set up a visit and so much more!