Our Mission 

Southeast Missouri State University provides student-centered education and experiential learning with a foundation of liberal arts and sciences, embracing a tradition of access, exceptional teaching, and commitment to student success that significantly contributes to the development of the region and beyond. 

Our Values 

  • Student Success 
  • Excellence 
  • Access and Diversity 
  • Community 

Welcome to Southeast 

We want you to get started teaching at Southeast with your best foot forward. Each year at the beginning of the fall semester we provide a comprehensive five day program that covers getting started at Southeast. We will teach you how to use our learning management system, Canvas, how to log in and register devices on Southeast’s network, benefits, paperwork, teaching goals, and more. We strongly encourage all new faculty to participate. 


Assisting Students 

If a student has a question, we want to be sure you have the tools to answer it. Here are a few of the topics that come up most frequently and the offices, websites, or other resources you might use to get a student pointed in the right direction. 


Where can I view the undergraduate bulletin? 

The course catalog, or undergraduate bulletin, is available online (link to Bulletin page). 

Where can I get answers to questions about my class schedule? 

Your academic advisor, or Office of the Registrar, Academic Hall 057, (573) 651-2250, registrar@semo.edu  

How do I contact my advisor? 

Your assigned advisor is in Degree Works (portal.semo.edu > Student SS > Degree Works Student) or SupportNet.  

How do I enroll in or drop classes? 

Speak to your academic advisor by using the Portal or contacting the Office of the Registrar in Academic Hall 057 or at (573) 651-2250 or by email at registrar@semo.edu. 

How do I change my major? 

Contact the department in which your new major is housed. Make an appointment with an academic advisor or faculty member in that major to discuss your options and complete the appropriate paperwork. 

How do I add or change a minor? 

Contact and/or visit the department in which your minor is housed and complete the appropriate paperwork. 

How do I test out of a course? 

Contact Testing Services in Kent Library 108, call at (573) 651-2836 or email testingservices@semo.edu. 

How can I find out my English/math course placement? 

Your academic advisor or Office of the Registrar in Academic Hall 057, (573) 651-2250, registrar@semo.edu 

Where do I pick up/drop off my textbooks? 

Textbook Rental, Kent Library 123, (573) 651-2236: University operated rental program for textbooks. 

Southeast Bookstore, University Center 1st floor, 388 N. Henderson, (573) 651-2220: For books not available in the University operated rental program, additional course materials and books required, and supplies. Rental, electronic, and new/used options available. The bookstore is also the home for your Southeast apparel needs, and where you purchase your UI 100 textbook, “First Year Seminar: Connecting to Southeast.” 

Where can I get an official transcript? How do I submit a request for an official transcript? 

Contact the Office of the Registrar in Academic Hall 057, (573) 651-2250, or use the My Southeast Portal. 

How do I get a tutor? 

Contact the Learning Assistance Programs office, Kent Library 412, (573) 651-2861, or contact your instructor. 


Where can I bank on campus? 

U.S. Bank is located in the Southeast Bookstore, (573) 332-1082 

Where can I find banking options in Cape Girardeau? 

Chamber of Commerce, 1267 N. Mt Auburn, (573) 335-3312 or 

Convention and Visitors Bureau, 400 Broadway, (573) 335-1631 

Where do I get information about my bill? 

Student Financial Services, Academic Hall 019, (573) 651-2253 or sfs@semo.edu 

Where can I view my account balance? 

My Southeast Portal (Portal > Student SS tab > Personal Information > Account Summary) 

How do I find a job on or off campus? 

Career Services, Academic Hall 057, (573) 651-2583 or careerservices@semo.edu 

How do I apply for a loan, grant or scholarship? 

Who can answer my questions about financial aid? 

Submit a FAFSA 

Student Financial Services, Academic Hall 019, (573) 651-2253 or sfs@semo.edu 

Living On and Off Campus 

Can commuter students eat in any dining hall on campus? 

Commuter students can eat in any dining hall on campus by purchasing Redbucks, a meal plan, or paying cash on site through Chartwells, (573) 986-6025 

Is there a lounge space commuters can use? 

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) features a small computer lab, study space, and a TV lounge for all students on the 2nd floor of the University Center. 

Where do I get a student ID card? 

ID Services Desk, University Center, 2nd floor, CSI, (573) 651-2896 

How do I change my mailing address? 

Contact the Office of the Registrar, Academic Hall 057, (573) 651-2250registrar@semo.edu, or in the My Southeast Portal (Portal > Student SS tab > Personal Information) 

Where do I get parking information? 

Where do I get a parking decal? 

Department of Public Safety Parking Services, 1401 N. Sprigg St., (573) 651-2310, or parking@semo.edu 

Where can I work out on campus? 

Whom do I contact for Recreation Center Hours? 

Student Rec Center, Student Aquatic Center, Recreation Services, (573) 651-2105 

Where can I find information on group fitness classes, personal training, intramurals, and club sports? 

Fitness and Wellness, Student Rec Center (573) 651-2367 

Intramural Sports, Student Rec Center (573) 651-2571 

Sports Clubs, Student Rec Center (573) 986-73379 

When can I check in to my residence hall? 

See your personalized arrival information from Residence Life for more details. New student check-in and arrivals take place as assigned. 

How do I change rooms? 

How do I get or change a meal plan? 

Where can I rent a refrigerator? 

Office of Residence Life, Towers Complex, 1st floor, (573) 651-2274 or residencelife@semo.edu 

Where can I find out where to shop in Cape Girardeau? 

Chamber of Commerce, 1267 N. Mt Auburn, (573) 335-3312 or 

Convention and Visitors Bureau, 400 Broadway, (573) 335-1631 

Is there time to get from one class to another if I have classes in buildings that are far away from each other? 

You can walk from one class to the next class on the main campus, but shuttle buses are available for the main campus and between the main and River Campus. The Transit website has routes, operating times, and the shuttle tracker (also available in the Southeast app).  

Transit, (573) 986-6187 

Student Life and Services 

Where do I report emergencies and get information about emergency preparedness on campus? 

Where do I get information on campus crime statistics? 

Department of Public Safety, 1401 N. Sprigg St., (573) 651-2215 or dps@semo.edu 

Where do I go for computer support? 

Where can I find a list of computer labs on campus? 

Information Technology, Memorial Hall 107, (573) 651-4357 

Where do I activate my Southeast Key email address? 

Where do I check my Southeast email? 

My Southeast Portal 

Where do I seek assistance if I have a disability? 

Accessibility Services, Crisp Hall, (573) 651-5927 

A disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. [ADA, 1990] 

How do I join a student organization? 

Campus Life and Event Services, University Center 414, (573) 651-2280, or connect with an involvement ambassador. 

How do I learn more about fraternities and sororities?  

Office of Greek Life, University Center 413, (573) 986-7301 

Where can I seek medical attention or assistance in dealing with personal problems? 

Campus Health Clinic, Crisp Hall, (573) 651-2270, CHC@sehealth.org or Counseling Services, Crisp Hall, (573) 986-6191 

Where are the religious services held on campus?  

Services vary by organization. See list for contact information. 

Where are the churches in Cape Girardeau? 

Convention and Visitors Bureau, 400 Broadway, (573) 335-1631 

Where can I get information about services or support for veterans, military personnel, and veterans’ dependents? 

Office of Military and Veterans Services, University Center 302, (573) 651-2263 or veterans@semo.edu

Memorial Hall 206
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 4650
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701